Magic Bands to Canada

Will Magic bands ship to Canada?

I don’t believe so.

I was curious why. Sounds like they may be shipped from the manufacturer rather than Disney.

What you can do is order the magic bands and use the resort as the mailing address.
Depending on how the app / website works for you, you may need to use a vpn to be allowed to order them.


We ordered Magic Bands and it clearly says that it does not ship to Canada, please pick up at your resort when you check in.
I am not sure what they do if you are not staying on site.

I have either shipped to my brothers house, my friends house, or picked up at resort. I do not believe they ship to Canada.

Is it still a good idea to wait until 10 days before your trip if you are getting them shipped to the resort?

Thanks everyone! We are staying on resort so I guess I will order them to the resort. I just thought they would be fun to include in a Disney Trip Box that I am doing up for my kids for Christmas! We have our old ones from Feb 2020 but I am worried they won’t work.

They work for anything you tap forever as long as you don’t deactivate them in MDE.

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Oh I figured the battery might run out of something!

The battery does run out but it’s only used for the auto photos and videos.

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Good to know! Thanks!

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