Magic Bands - some in party have them, some don't

Hi! Quick question…we are going for a quick one day at MK next week - a very spur of the moment trip. My hubby, myself, and my two younger kids have Magic Bands from an October 2017 trip. We have my two older bonus kids joining us on this next trip, and they do not have Magic Bands. We will all have the same fast passes, dining reservations, etc. on my MDE app. Can I purchase them Magic Bands at Will Call or will they get the cards?

Either way. You can purchase MB’s at any shop or even at the Disney Store before you go if there’s one near you. I ordered a couple of character ones online and they shipped them relatively quickly- I’m sure you could get them overnighted to you if necessary. I think it would be easier to utilize FP with bands. Do you have the current ticket linked to all of your current bands? If not those will need to be linked before you go. You can do that in the MDE site or at the gift shop.