Magic Bands Not in the Box

I thought our magic bands were arriving today. I had our youngest open the package and only one band (my band) was in the box. I just called and the CM told me I was the fourth call she received about this very problem today.Disney is working on it. Just a warning if you have bands coming in the very near future.


I have received two boxes, 4 & 2 MBs, but on the same day. How many in your party?

Four in our party. They had no record of the color bands requested.

I had this happen about 2 months ago. Only my band showed up, not DS or DH. I had to call and they had no record of the other 2 and mailed out all 3 with the next mailing.

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Happened to me too. I called yesterday and must have been one of the other four ;-). CM fixed the issue and a box with 5 MagicBands is currently customized and hopefully shipping soon for our trip at the end of August.