Magic Bands - New & Old

Family of 6 Repeating a trip we did at the end of 2016. This time, however, we’re staying offsite. Half of us have our Magic Bands from 2016, the other half can’t find theirs.
I’m contemplating if i should just purchase new 1’s for the 3 while the other half uses their old ones; OR… should i purchase new bands for all 6 of us?
I was definitely going with option 1 until i found out that eventually the battery dies in them.
Also, what’s the chances that the active/inactive indicator in the magic band section of MDE refers to the battery life??? :grimacing:

The battery life on MB is supposed to be 2 years. Some people claim they can last a little bit longer. However, since you are approximately 3 years since the last use, I’d invest in new ones.

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And the active/inactive indicator in the magic band section of MDE is a setting, for you to switch off any old or lost bands if you are concerned about someone getting into your room, charging to your account if they’ve figured out your pin.

I believe Len reported a few months ago that the battery was going strong in his original band.

The battery is only used for long range - basically automatically picking up ride pics, and when it shows your name on a ride, like at the end of IASW. For anything you tap, it will work forever. And our brand new bands in August apparently didn’t have working batteries because we didn’t automatically get a single ride pic.

ETA I would never buy them. They’re just a gimmick.

This year we went for a last minute trip and stayed off-site. We didn’t get MB this time. We love ride photos. Even though I bought PhotoPass there are specific rides that you can only get your picture if you have an MB. (Splash Mt., PoC, HM, 7DMT to name a few. just in MK)

Splash Mountain has a tap point. And I definitely wouldn’t buy one for 3 ride pics - and a couple of videos, 7DMT, TOT, Buzz I think.

Does it? I know BTMRR does, but I don’t remember one for Splash. Maybe I just missed it.

The Splash Mt. tap point didn’t work for us. Neither did the Tinkerbell M&G tap point. I was able to get those by calling Disney and spending, literally, almost an hour on the phone. (But I’d rather have just paid the extra for the MB had I known in advance about the issue.)

I totally get that, but others - like myself - would. I just wanted OP to know all their options.

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BTMRR doesn’t have a ride photo.

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I didn’t get my Tink pics either, with my brand new magic band that I had tapped :woman_shrugging: We also didn’t get any of the automatic pics. If people want them, they should buy them, it’s their money. But having a magic band doesn’t prevent issues.

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I get them for convenience. Cheapest ones. We Stay at Swan/Dolphin. I noticed that two year old (almost exactly two years old) bands did not work for some of the long range stuff. They were fine for everything else. at 3 years, I’d buy new ones for everyone, but that’s just me. I like the convenience enough for 15 bucks or whatever. I hope they haven’t gone up too much. They were 13ish last time I bought them. We just get the cheapest ones.

I just don’t wanna be digging through a pocket or have a lanyard hangin on my neck for the ticket for tapping in to stuff. That’s just me though.

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I’d consider booking a campsite; free magic bands and parking for checking and checkout days; should save you $$

That’s right, now I remember it correctly.

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It was a shock to me on our last trip, I’d have sworn there was a pic! I’m still not sure why there isn’t one.

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Thanks everyone for their input! Decisions… decisions…
I was leaning toward purchasing new bands for everyone until i saw that they don’t offer my daughter’s favorite color :unamused:
Now i think i’m leaning toward just replacing the 2 (my oldest found hers) and hoping for the best with the others.
I can’t remember… but if you’re riding next to a family member that has a new band/working battery and your band/batter definitely does not work, will the ride pics pick up both individuals?

If you’re sitting next to someone with a magic band, the picture will be of both of you. But it will only go on the MDE account of the magic band wearer.

Also, as I think I already mentioned, neither my band or DS’s worked for ride pics. They were brand new, one premium one plain. So it’s never guaranteed.

Funny you mention this… i went back to our trip from 2016 where we stayed on site w/brand new-spankin magicbands! Not 1 ride picture!! :grin: We didn’t even notice!

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Ours in 2016 were fine!

How are you even allowed on these forums?

I have six MBs in my permanent collection and I have four more I’ve just ordered on the way. I think they’re physically beautiful, tactile objects and make great souvenirs. As well as making life at WDW a lot easier. Love them. Huge fan.


No problem. Just whip out your phone while you’re on the ride and snap a few selfies along the way. :wink:

Speaking of MBs, my wife pointed out to me that DFB Guide showed a new Magic Band. So, I logged into the ShopDisney app and checked, and saw a whole slew of new MBs (oddly, though, not the one that was on DFB Guide). Just an FYI in case folks hadn’t noticed recently.