Magic Bands Naming- how creative do you get?

How creative do you get when choosing a name for your Magic Band? Do you use your Liner name?! I do! I also use nicknames for the family smile For fun- post a picture!

I'm running out of witty names that are only 9 characters long...

I've done DarthD, DoubleD, tikigrl, and others. Also have used my trip dates (stealing from @MDU) now that I'm running out of ideas. Lol.

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Did any of the CMs actually greet you as "DoubleD"? Lol - blush I wonder how often they actually call you by the names you put on the bands?

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I would have used my liner name, but it is too long frowning

Well...crud. It never even occurred to me to put anything but my name on mine! So, Sara it is. I swear, sometimes you wouldn't know that my hair is only blonde cuz I get it colored.


As sole in charge of planning I have taken the executive decision to have DH as "Big Mouse" on his magic band. Hee Hee. Am so wanting someone to greet him by that name!


I am the most uncreative Magic Band namer. I have three bands, all with my first name on them, though I will soon be traveling with my sister and her son for the first time and see that she added "Uncle" to my fourth band. Apparently, her son with have "Lil' Man" on his first band.

I'm currently going through the princesses. Pink for aurora, blue Cindy, red Ariel, yellow belle. Next will be green Tianna. After that I don't know what I am going to use. I also don't know what I am going to do with all these bands!

Here's one of our three sets: I am Happy, DH Grumpy, DD12 Sleepy, and DS10 is Dopey.


All we need is someone to get a yellow band and name it DoleWhip!!

Oh man!!! Never thought to put anything other than our actual names!! Duh...

Yep, I have started labeling them with trip dates too so I can keep 'em all straight. Happy to report DS2.9 is running around the house playing with what he calls his "hand band." smile

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Here's one


Here's another


I just tracked my MB's for Aug trip ...says package has been diverted...what the He!! Does that mean!!!! And I just use my real name on it Grumpy

Hey ...what r u doing with my Magic Bands!!!!