Magic bands in all Disney stores?

I live in Canada so cannot ship magic bands here. My parents are going to Chandler, AZ next week. Does anyone know if the Disney stores in Arizona sell magic bands? Or only in Orlando? Thanks for your help!

I tried to get them at the Disney store in Gilbert AZ about 18 months ago and they looked at me like I was crazy. So no, they don’t have them.

Could you order them from and have them shipped to you?

How long will your parents be in AZ? We are headed to WDW next week and I could pick some up for you. I live in Mesa and I could meet your parents somewhere with them. I’ll be back on Sunday the 10th.

I ordered off E-bay from somebody in Orlando when I wanted some that weren’t available online. I think it cost a couple bucks more than normal, nothing ridiculous.

Did you have any trouble using them? I wasn’t sure about the logistics of transferring ownership of a Magic Band from one person to another. Is that even allowed?

You can buy them unused on eBay. I’m not sure about ones that have been linked to MDE but if they haven’t there’s no problem.

Ah. I guess I just assumed if it is on eBay, it is likely used. :slight_smile:

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Nope, new-in-box. Obviously you want to be careful who you buy from, but I had no problems.

You are all so helpful and generous!! I am going to see if I can deliver to my parents condo rental, if not I will look into one of the other options suggested. Thanks again guys! :relaxed: