Magic Bands - how can you track charges?

Traveling this September using Magic Bands with a party of five (wife and 3 kids). None of us have used them before. All 5 bands will be linked to my MDE account. Question - can you track expenses charged by individual band? We want to give each child a budget to manage against. Any ideas?

You can’t really put spending limits on the Magic Bands. For my family, I only allowed charging privileges for myself and my husband. My boys each had a $50 gift card with their name written on it in Sharpie that I carried around for them. It was just too easy to charge things with the Magic Bands. I think you could come up with a system that would work though.

Thanks! I guess what I’m really curious about is what MDE shows you on magic band charging history - who charged what! Gift cards may be the way to go

I think the only record you have is at the very end of your trip. You get an email with all the charges listed - it’s your room check-out receipt - and I don’t think they are listed by individual bands. There’s no place on MDE that lists the charges.

We were able to see who charged what. They made a mistake and linked my dd11 to dd23 credit card and had no problem separating the charges and linking to my card.

I am not a fan of room charging or MB charging… its not that hard for me to take out my debit card or CC instead and I know there wont be any surprises later on either! hehe.

But you may be able to go to your resort front desk and ask for a print out of current charges.

The DIsney Gift Card idea is great and it turns (at least our kids) into cheapos! They always at the last day have tons of money left because they were trying to smartly spend the gift card… lol

You definitely can get a print out each day at the front desk and it states which Magic Band made the charge. You also could easily redirect the charges to a different credit card or something like that by going to the front desk. You’ll also get a print out or electronic record at the end of the trip with the same information.

We also did the gift cards for our kids, and it worked very well to limit their spending and make them think about what to buy (or at least for my DS9 - DD6 still doesn’t quite get money and numbers in the same way).

great ideas - thanks! We will be there in a week!