Magic Bands for offsite stay

Hola amigos! I will have to be staying outside the bubble on this trip but I really really really want one of those limited edition MBs. How does this work? I mosey on down to DTD, pick out my HM MB, plunk down my $24.99 plus tax and then just sit on the bench outside and add it to my MDE profile where I previously added my Park Hopper and that’s it? My ticket is linked? Or do I need any extra steps? Thanks in advance gang!

I don’t think you can buy the special edition ones outside of the park it’s in. For example the MNSSHP in MK, the Frozen ones in HS. Though it’s possible they could be. When you buy them you present your ticket and they link everything for you. They require that you present your ticket media and link them during the transaction specifically to prevent you from buying them for other people or reselling them.

Gracias @Outer1 ! Well, that changes everything because I want the HM one and would gladly pay for it but I’m not sure I’d pay for a basic yellow one… Hmmm decisions decisions! I guess I’ll stop by and see if they have it and if not, I will probably stick to ticket media

I’m not sure I understand… why couldnt you just go to HM and buy it there?

Yea what @999HappyHaunts said. You should be able to go to the new HM store in MK.

'Cause I’m probably doing MK on my second day and wanted to use it from the first day. Lame reason, I know, but if I’m paying for it I wanted to put as much milage into my MB as possible.