Magic Bands for kids

Do they offer smaller bands for kids under 9? Am ordering through My Disney Experience - and wonder if they automatically send smaller ones for the kids and bigger ones for the adults? Also, I’ve seen a small “bit belt” to secure the bands on the wrist. Do you think that’s necessary?

We just received ours. They come packaged as all the same size, but there’s a thin black piece that you can tear off and make it more kid sized. I think it’ll work for my 5 yo. My 10yo…we’re going to keep the extra pice on for now and wee how it fits.

Might bring a few rubber bands to just loop around the band and keep it in place.

Thanks. Small rubber bands seems like a good way to go. Here’s the link for the “belt” that I saw advertised -

I have tiny wrists. Rather than peel off the outer band, we cut the excess of the end for me and DS. I don’t like the look of the bands without the outer band.

We bought some of these for our trip a few years ago. They worked pretty good, but in the end, I don’t think we really needed them. The MB’s were well constructed and I had a hard time intentionally popping mine off.

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When we were there a couple years ago, my husband’s band fell off. He didn’t notice it right away. We think it got caught on a backpack while juggling things in the security line. I don’t know whether the new magic bands are more secure.

1st visit, we didn’t use bit belts. ours kept popping off, but we never lost ours. if you lose your band, you have to pay for the replacement. 2nd visit, we bought bit belts. LOVE them. the variety pack comes with kid size and adult size bit belts.

My husband’s wrist is small for a mans and he had to use a bit belt to keep his on. I think those tiny rubber bands they give you at the orthodontist or tiny hairbands would work great if you don’t want to shell out $ for a legit bit band.

Same for us, we wore them for 2 weeks constantly including in the pool, in bed etc. They never came loose and didn’t pop open easily when we tried to take them off after a 9 hour flight home.