Magic bands and toddlers

Even though we are off property, we are going to get magic bands as a treat for our party. We have a 2 year old who is sort of the reason for the season. I know she’ll want one even though she doesn’t need one. Will giving her one to wear cause any confusion? Obviously it won’t be turning Mickey green when she tries to scan it along with the rest of us…

They can still wear them, won’t cause any issues. When you stay on site and get your magic bands, there are ones for the infants as well.

If you are rope droppping and there is a crowd behind you, they get pushy really fast if small tots are waving their bands around trying to turn Mickey green and holding them up

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I’m sorry that you ran into pushy crowds. That wasn’t my experience at all. We had trouble getting my (then) 5 and 3 year old’s magic bands to work right on more than one occasion, and the other guests were very courteous. Eager to get going and happy to take the back tapstile when we shifted our party to the front to work with the CM to fix the problem, but I never experienced anyone being pushy. And we were generally there at rope drop, when people were probably most eager to get into the park and start touring.

@cjandres, I can’t imagine it being a problem. If you try it and experience an unexpected problem, though, you can always take the magic band off your daughter while you’re entering the park and put it on your little one once you’re through the tapstiles.


Thanks for the feedback! I can remember if Mickey turns red or white when something doesn’t work. Our plan is to tell her that she is one of Mickey’s special guests and that’s why her magic band turns the tapstyle that color instead of green. Hoping that will avoid her need to keep swiping :):joy:

Yeah, there may be patient folks at MK or EP but when people are jockeying to get through the turnstiles to get to FOP or TSL and every person that gets ahead of them, puts them further behind.

I really didn’t feel like anyone was pushy at any of the parks. Maybe what I call eager you call pushy? When I say eager, I mean that people get to the tapstiles as soon as they can and edge around you if necessary (while a CM is helping you) to get into the park. To me, pushy is calling out “get a move on up there” or physically pushing someone. I totally get eager and it doesn’t bother me at all. “Pushy” implies rude behavior to me and we just didn’t experience that in any tapstile line.

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When people are running for FOP or TSL, it isn’t unusual for people to start telling people to “get a move on” and commenting about getting “it” together. Once past the turnstiles, they will cut around anyone who they think held them up and occasionally toss in a few words.

Wow, it seems like we’ve had vastly different experiences. I’ve seen faster walkers pass slower ones and it never struck me amiss, but I’ve never heard anyone make rude or insulting comments to folks entering the parks. I’m sure it does happen occasionally; I’ve just never heard it. I hope you are surrounded by more gracious people on your future visits!

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