Magic Bands and Checking In

This will be our first time staying on-site, beginning April 7th. My parents and I are on the same account, and all of our Magic Bands are being mailed to me. My parents are heading down to Florida earlier than the rest of us, because the lucky bastards are retired and have time to visit relatives in the area. They plan to check-in the the resort earlier on the 7th than the rest of us can, because our flight doesn’t get in until the evening.

My question is: If my parents leave for Florida before their Magic Bands arrive, and won’t have them until the rest of the party arrives at the resort, will they still be able to check-in to the resort? Will they be given a card instead to access the room?

Thanks all!

They should be able to get magic bands at check-in. People lose these things all the time.

Can you send them their magic bands before they leave? They arrived at my house about 24 days before my trip.

That’s good to know!

Oh, if they come that early, we’ll be fine. They’re not leaving to head down to Florida until about 10 days before our trip.

Added comment. If you or they have ever been to WDW before and you have not de-activated any or some of your prior Magic Bands, they should be active and good to go. You don’t necessarily have to have New Magic Bands and you can request not to get one if you have one or more from a previous trip. Because of the trip price I always get a new one, but all previous bands are still tied to your account and will work unless you go out and de-activate them. I think I have 6 plus a card that are still active. I always carry an extra in case I lose one. The Disney computer system only takes your account information from them and then ties it to your new reservations.