Magic Bands and Check In

Our trip is in August. We will drive, spend the night off-property, and start our on-property package the following day.

I made an ADR for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s around 8 a.m. on our very first day. If we do not check in at the hotel in person first, will our Magic Bands still work for the ADR and then park admission? (Disney tells me “yes!!” but …)

In 2015 when we went, we had to physically go to the hotel to activate the bands before going to the Parks. I’d prefer not to, as getting to the hotel and then to CM by 8 am is unrealistic.

For all you recent travelers, did you have to check in in person before hitting the parks? Thanks.

Go directly to chef Mickey. You’re good

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Awesome. Thanks @OBNurseNH!

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Can’t you just check in for an ADR with your confirmation number?

You just have to give them your name. But obviously if you’re paying with credits, you need your band to be active. Or charging to your room.