Magic Bands and Bitbelts

Has anyone purchased a bitbelt to help secure there magic bands? If not, I’m wondering if anyone has any other company suggestions, in terms of products that help secure magic bands. More concerned about my DS and DD than my DW and I.

Not sure how necessary it is. They snap on pretty tightly, and despite worries, our autistic 8yo son who is the type to shred or disassemble anything within hand’s reach, it never came off once the entire 5+ days he was wearing it.

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I never had a problem with my kids losing a magic band, so I also don’t think the bitbelts are necessary. However, if I was worried, I think I would just wrap a bit of painter’s tape around it instead of spending money on a bitbelt. Painter’s tape comes off when you want it to, without any sticky residue.

On a 9 day trip we didn’t have any issues with our bands becoming loose or falling off. Our then 5 year old kept his on without any worries. We were all in and out of the pools with them on and everything. I’ve heard of using bitbelts but truly those bands stay closed pretty tight

I bought a package if the rubberband for that magic loom it whatever it is. Those are really small rubberbands and are perfect to fit on the magic bands. Plus you will have an ample supply to replace any that get lost. And maybe you can have one that matches your band.

Or you can use small elastic hairbands. Same purpose.

They stay on very well. My kids wore them for months after our Labor Day trip. I took DD2s off around Thanksgving. DS8 started to break last week so I had him take it off. My DD9 is still wearing hers! She doesn’t even take it off for showers. Given our track record I would not be concerned about losing them in the parks.

On our cruise, they used a zip strip like thing to attach the kids club magic bands so that they couldn’t be removed during the cruise. This seemed to work very well and the kids didn’t care that they did not come off. While we have not had trouble with bands coming off at the parks, I am concerned about DS4’s for our upcoming trip. I think I am going to try the zip strips. Have bought them before for “locking” luggage and can get a 100 count bag at Home Depot for about $5.

They won’t come off accidentally. They’re so tight, it’s hard to snap on.

We were there for a week and a half and my son lost his one time. The only reason he lost it, was he was trying to help my DD into the sharks mouth for a picture at Epcot and he caught it just right that it came undone. We even walked off, and he noticed it so we went right back. No one took it or messed with it. It was right where we left it :slight_smile:

This question comes up every once in awhile here and in chat.

People always answer on both sides that they have never had one come off or examples of when they did.

I would be in the latter group: my son caught the edge of his on the side of TTA car and it popped. We saw it right away and caught it before it was lost. I brought magic loom rubber bands to use as someone else mentioned and they really did the trick (son of course, ignored our warning and failed to keep his on.)

I think the edge catch is the most likely way one will come off, as they do mesh together well. Some people have mentioned little ones fiddling with the bands too, but that depends on the kids I’m guessing.

I think it comes down to this: If you can use a tiny cheap item to help insure your MB stays on and it doesn’t bother your wrist at all (ours did not) that is one less thing you’ll have to worry about that might take time away from your day in the park. Personally, I’d rather be proactive now than possibly stand in line at GS later to get a MB replacement when I could be having fun!