Magic Band Question - Always active?

We ordered and received premium magic bands for our May trip that never happened. When looking to see if I needed to do anything to be able to use them for my July trip I noticed that all 3 past magic bands we have had show as active, including the ones from May. I guess I never worried about this as I just ordered new ones for each trip, but are magic bands always valid for each trip until you deactivate them? In other words, I’m assuming I can use our May bands no issue, and even bring a back up if we want. I can also order a new set, if I do, I can still use my May bands correct?

Just making sure I understand this right, sorry if this is a silly question.

Yes. You can use the previous bands no issue. And as long as they are less than about 2 years old, they should be fully functional. After 2 years or so, only the NFC part will work (Tapstyles) because the battery for Bluetooth eventually dies.

Thanks Ryan! Will stick to the ones we just got for May. Will order new ones to have for next year since they are doing away with the free ones.

All active means is that they are linked to an individual - if you have multiple ones you can match to your outfit/park, if so inclined. As @ryan1 states they have 2 signal elements a short range ‘tap in’ NFC passive element for access to rides, contactless payment and a longer range battery powered Bluetooth element which will run as long as the battery lasts (starts getting iffy after 2 years) so Disney can track you through the resort and parks, automatically link photos, know where to deliver food.

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