Magic Band pricing and availability

A friend of mine just returned from WDW and they stayed offsite but purchased MBs. When I mentioned how she splurged for the Anna and Elsa ones she said they had been the same price as the regular ones at MK. I was planning to buy regular ones but if I can get my sis and I the A&E ones at the same price I will do that.
I was going to purchase them at the airport or at the Swan when we arrive but if I need to wait I can purchase first day in HS. Anyone have more info on the pricing and where the character bands are available to purchase?

Her you go @VanellopeVonDoom :
I was planning on getting mine at DTD on the first day but it seems that the limited edition ones (HM, A&E, etc.) are only available in park so I guess I might wait… and if they are the same price, definitely worth waiting!

Thanks! I wonder if they are available in HS. Hopefully someone who has been recently can tell me. I do want to at least get them on our first morning if not on arrival night.

There’s a bit more info in this thread I started about a week ago: Magic Bands for offsite stay

Now I remember seeing that thread. I do know that the Frozen ones are in MK since that is where my friend bought hers. I am with you, if I am buying it I would like to use it from day 1. I guess I will just wait and see what they have at the Swan when I get there. If just the plain ones I may wait until day 1 at HS.

I wish I could send you some of ours. I could add you to my RO reservation coming up Nov 30th. I’ve got room to add 2 adults. Then you can link your tickets and your SWAN reservation, the bands would ship directly to you.

I know it seems like a lot of work, but I bet it would work. I should do a better job doing this - there is only two of us and it would give an offsite guest a larger FPP window

You are so sweet @MagicMN. We leave in 9 days so I don’t think we can work that out but such a generous offer. I don’t mind buying them for $12.95 but if the character ones are available for the same price I figure I might as well get those. I thought anything other than the plain colors were over $20.

Thank you for the kind offer @MagicMN, I really appreciate it. It brought pixie dust to my eyes!