Magic band ordering problems on MDE

No idea what I’ve done wrong. I need to finalize my magic band order and every time I try to go to the page it says there’s an error and I don’t have permission. To be fair, I probably confused the poor website awhile ago: I was interested in the premium MB with the images on them and checked several times. However, I never found more than few bands for sale and I didn’t like them. This was so frustrating b/c I’ve seen so many that I love on the forums, but I never saw any of those when I’d go into MDE. I figured they sold out? I was planning to check those one last time and probably just get the basic color ones. I have to finalize today or I think tomorrow at the latest…it told me I have 7 days (arrival day is Nov 25). I defnitely don’t want to end up with all gray ones for my party of 5; too confusing. Called Disney just now but wait is too long so I figure I have to try again tonight. Any advice in the meantime? I don’t want to do something like clearing all the cookies off the computer if it isn’t necessary.

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Try signing on to MDE with a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Opera, etc). Then you don’t have to clear the cookies from your main browser and you’ll still get a clean MDE site.

You can use the incognito mode of your browser, too. I’ve gotten that “don’t have permission” thing a LOT when looking at magic bands. Incognito always fixed it for me, though.

They upgraded ones refresh around 43 minutes past the hour, usually during the day. Check around that time every hour. Honestly, the website sucks. I tried for weeks if not months to get 2 I liked for my wife and I. Could never get them and finally got the one my wife wanted.

I had the same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I had to open up an incognito tab in google chrome to access my magic bands to customize them. It was SO frustrating! I contacted Disney, but they were no help. Good luck!!

I used the advice here and used safari instead of chrome and it worked! Thanks for the advice! I ordered 5 premium bands for my group of 5. I’m curious though as to whether it truly worked b/c I have a confirmation # and I made a payment but when I look back at my account in chrome again it still shows the order as incomplete and with only colors not premium bands. I hope that changes as they process the order.