Magic Band Order

@PrincipalTinker This is the first time I have ordered magic bands as an annual passholder (we converted our tickets last summer). MDE is giving me 2 separate options for magic band orders, one that says resort reservation (the one I am used to seeing), and one that says Disney Passholder Affiliation. Which one should I customize? (or are they both the same magic band?) Thanks!

Do you also have a trip booked in the future? I would customize them both. Your AP ones should ship right away!

Yes, thanks. 4 nights, first week of March. I guess we are entitled to one magic band because of the resort reservation, and a second because of the annual passes.

Yes, your stay and your AP both have MBs. You only need to use one but I always carry a back up. I had one fly off buzz. I never would have made my next FP if I did not have a back up in my bag.


Is there any difference between these 2 bands? in other words, does the AP band do anything that the resort stay band does not? Or are both of them simply reflecting what is in MDE? (I seem to remember having to have our passholder cards with us for some reason last summer, even though we had magic bands. Maybe it was to get the AP meal discount. This is our 1st year with AP’s.)

You do need your pass holder card for discounts. You can use your MBs interchangeably. I usually use my AP band for a year and bring my trip band as a back up.