Magic Band Order Can You Change

Hi All,

So I am keeping the positivity alive and looking at ordering Magic Bands for August. I know it’s months away.
I would really love a Winnie the pooh style Magic band, but if I order now, can I then change my mind or once all four of us have chosen it’s a done deal ?

Thanks guys keeping everything crossed, keep safe.

You have to all choose at once and can’t change it afterwards as they post them straight out. Well they did, I’m not sure if you ordered now.

Thank you, I shall wait until I see something I love.

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@Mrs_Planner I recently ordered for my (doomed) April 17-26 trip for myself and DD – if you pay for the upcharge ones they ship immediately. If you choose the standard ones the order is held until a couple of weeks before your trip. So Until your whole party’s preference is finalized don’t order. The problem, I should warn you, is that it is tough to time it so that all the ones you want are available on the same day so you can submit the order. But keep trying and checking and you should get it!

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I wasn’t sure with the parks being shut.

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Disney announced that Magic band orders for resort guests are currently on hold, so you will have to wait either way!


Wow, I got in under the change.

Not that receiving my Magic Bands today made me feel particularly happy for my April trip…