Magic Band Newbie

I am such an amateur, need your help!

We have 4-day Military Salute Tickets, we are staying one night at one of the Disney Springs hotels that offers the 60-day FPP and early/late entrance. Then the rest of the nights we are staying at SOG.

How/when do we get our magic bands?

Do you have a Disney experience account on-line? You are able to customize the bands up to 30 days out of your trip date when the final payment is due - then they will send you the bands

oh geez! I didn’t know that. I do have a Disney experience account. We are flying out on the 27th. Would they even get here in time?

If they don’t have time to ship them to you, they will ship them to your resort and the front desk will give them to you when you check in.

Just saw that I can order 3-day shipping for only $5 more than the regular shipping, phew!

Another dumb question, I am purchasing them online right now, how do I know that they will be linked to MDE? What do I need to do?

Hi Marianna1230,

We are also staying at SOG this October. I would be interested to hear how your trip goes! Still learning about the Magic Band info myself as I think I have to purchase and set up since we are not staying at an official resort.

Are you getting them as part of your resort stay or are you purchasing them? If they are part of your resort stay, they should come connected. If you are buying them outright, there will be a code you can link to your MDE under the Magic Bands & Cards tab.

Buying them outright because SOG doesn’t offer them.

Yes that magic bands & cards tab, where is that??? I can’t seem to find it!

From WDW Website:

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App or on computer?

If on the app, click My Account and then it’s the 3rd option down.

If on a computer, hover over the MDE on the right side, look down under my account and there it is.

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You beat me to it!

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Y’all are of great help for this non-detailed oriented mom!

Note for non-Americans. Disney will not ship Magic Bands out of country. (well at least not to Canada) You have to pick them up at your resort check in desk.

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I’m pretty sure you’re right that they only ship inside the US. We have to pick ours up at the front desk too (UK).