Magic Band issues!

How frustrating are these new magic band options I have been trying all week to try and get the Tinkerbell one to add to my basket so I can pay for it but just keeps saying retry retry retry :weary: I understand they are in big demand but if they are not in stock take them off the page to stop me going insane. I have 7 days left till my choice needs to be completed so fingers crossed if will get sorted

When they first came out in May, the first day was a mess and I couldn’t get on to even see them. The next morning I did it around 7am (UK time) which is 2am EST, and had no trouble at all.

I’ve got it in my head that you are in the UK, so maybe this would work?

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I know how frustrating it is. I wanted two plain colors and two of the new options, one for each of my kids. I finally got my daughter to compromise and say it was okay if there wasn’t one in stock for her as long as I could get a skin for hers. I grabbed a Slinky Dog one for my son and checked out - and it worked. But that was after weeks of trying. And I do not think it was worth all that aggravation!

Ugh I’ve had so many issues too. I finally managed to get our two orders in (split stay) in the last week. My friends told me that if I could get the ones I wanted then to just do the order because I care about it considerably more - they are happy to have the coloured ones. I tried so many things like opening incog windows and switching to the US site. Managed to get sorcerer mickey + 3 coloured in one order and castle, stitch + 2 coloured in the other.

I had that same issue. Yesterday I must have tried a dozen times or more because I kept getting that message to retry. It did eventually work though. I was about to give up because our trip is rapidly approaching. I hope it works out for you soon.

Just been back on to try again to get the (Tinkerbell) one and guess what ? Yes it’ not there anymore :weary: it’s taking over my life first it was trying to get a table at the Boathouse for 5 of us at a reasonable time then it was trying to get FOP FastPass and now it’s these magic bands what would we do with our lives without Disney planning​:thinking:

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Honestly if I was you I’d just find some nice decals for plain bands. Not just you, everyone who can’t get them! I ended up buying a decal for my DS anyway because people started receiving grey bands instead of what they’d ordered, but I won’t know till we get to the resort.

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Yes think it’s going that way

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Did you try OpenTable for a reservation at the Boathouse? I’ve had success there when I couldn’t find anything on the Disney site.

No I haven’t the problem I have is that my son’s girlfriend decided to join us after my 60 day window so all the good time slots had gone and I don’t want to loose the one I have for 4 people at 7.45pm because we love The Boathouse she may have to fend for herself that night :rofl:

Got it. You could always show up with 5 instead of 4 and see what happens. You never know.

So I designed and applied these magic band skins. They would look better if this old lady could see straight and apply better. Super cheap, and I was pleased


Love it! Did you
Make them too or order?

I designed online at Magic Your band. had the lady and tramp clip art. super easy, super cheap and had them in a week. they come in 3 pieces and you just apply…like a sticker and they send two so if sticker challenged like me, you have two chances


So cool!

That looks really good I love the colour