Magic Band for memory maker

Hello everybody.
We will stay off property, and we are considering memory maker. I’ve read it’s better to have a magic band for it, since with the “card” ticket is not detected by onboard cameras. Is it confirmed? On disney site they say you should link your pictures to your magic band (or card as well) at the photo shop at the end of attraction.
In case magic band is required, do you think we should buy one for each member of the family, or only one? We will ride mostly together.
Thank you.


I don’t know about the card issue, but based on my experience if you are really concerned about this, magic bands for everyone might be helpful. for example, my son was in the car behind me on space mountain. they lost his photo. having everyone “tagged” via bands was somewhat helpful in locating it. If you are not overly concerned about that issue, or about not catching the photos when you are not riding together, one would likely be enough. I am a picture fanatic so this is very important to me, but you would have to way the cost benefit for yourself.