Magic band decline and link to other reservation

So I have an upcoming reservation with tickets, dinning, etc. We added a room only reservation on the first night of the trip arriving late because flights were cheaper. Can I decline the magic bands for the room only reservation and then link them to the magic bands for the main reservation? I think the answer is yes, but wanted to double check. Does anyone know if I can do this before my magic bands arrive or do I have to do it using the code on the back of the band?


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You can decline one set and all MB listed in your MDE will be interchangeable. Disney automatically links the ones mailed to you so you don’t have anything to worry about as far as linking goes. I always get the extras MBs so I can have different colors for different outfits. :blush:

Thanks, we have a tall glass vase half full of old Magic bands. Going without the kids on this trip, so one less magic band shaped package arriving at the house will let us hold off telling them we are going without them. I think we will tell them as we are walking out the door.


We have 10 day parkhopperss with a package for the first 7 days and room only for the last 3 days. I know we can get 2 sets of Magic Bands if we want them. Will everything for all 10 days be on both sets of bands? Are our names actually on the bands? I’m worried about getting our bands confused.

Yes everything listed in your MDE will be accessed via either MB. When you customize in MDE you can select different colors and names for each MB to avoid confusion on who’s is who