Magic Band Decals/ Magic Your Band

I know others have been talking about Magic Your Bands decals. Just wanted to post about my experience. I made three different customized designs. They all look great. In one design, I used a poor picture of Tink, it looks OK, but that was my fault. But still looks good.

I received 6 copies of each design. This was a nice surprise, at first I thought it might be a mistake. We also received three different decals with generic designs (very nice looking) that were a bonus I guess, because we didn’t order them.

Once applied, I think I know why I was sent extras. There was not one decal that had all the holes completely punched out. Some of the holes were not punched at all. The best I could come up with was two with one unpunched hole each, and one with three unpunched holes. This was only mildly disappointing, I don’t think this will bother me when wearing.

The end result is very nice! I am very happy with the results. I would order again. I’m going to post some pics. I’d love to see pictures of yours! :slight_smile:

I’m very excited!!! YC 18 days!!!


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I also just received custom bands and was surprised how many they sent out. I ordered two from their site two sheets of six decals (and an extra Spaceship Earth design). I’ve only applied one decal thus far, but no trouble with holes being punched. It does like like the overlay gets a little stretched out when you use one of the holes that’s covered by the decal (which I do while the band is in transit, so it takes up less space).

Overall, I was pleased with how the site worked. Once you create your design you can see what it looks like on a virtual MagicBand through the website. I spent a fair amount of time searching for images I wanted to use and fiddling with the the design, particularly to get things to fit into the sorta odd dimensions that are available on the band, but I was please with the result. I would also use the service again