Magic Band collection

HI there I will be travelling from the UK with my family and carers in October. We are booked under separate reservation numbers ( half of us staying at copper creek cabins, the other half staying at All star sports) I just wanted to know is it possible to arrange to have all the magic bands picked up at Copper Creek so we can all arrive on bus together from airport rather than splitting up and go straight to magic kingdom?

If you are still within the time period when the Magic Bands can be customized, your friends should be able to specify Copper Creek as the delivery address for their Magic bands, since that’s within the US. Otherwise, you may be able to get some generic ones from the front desk at Copper Creek, but they won’t deliver the customized ones to any other location than the resort you’re staying at, or a US address specified before the customization deadline…

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Would everyone from the party be allowed on the Magical Express bus to Copper Creek despite staying at All Star Sports? I didn’t think that was allowed, although perhaps there’s some leeway given they are traveling with someone who can rightfully hop on the WL bus?

Anyway, my biggest worry for the plan would be if the All Star folks can actually go to WL on Disney’s Magical Express in the first place…

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Ok thanks. I will phone them and check

Would another option be to have all the magic bands sent to one of my work offices in New York who could then send them on to me London? Dont even know if thats an option

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Would you receive a Custom and Excise bill?

Not sure, wouldnt really make a difference to me whether I did or not

You don’t pay customs duty on anything worth less than £135, so no.

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Err, yes you can. I’ve had a bill for a tee shirt that my son ordered. PO wouldn’t deliver without payment.

Afaik, that limit is for souvenirs you bring back with you. It seems to be the luck of the draw if you get a bill or not.

And you still have the issue of everyone being allowed to take ME to Copper Creek. That will be up to the CMs at MCO, and usually they are pretty strict about it. You might be able to, but I don’t think you could count on it being allowed.

Yes, my DD has been caught out a few times ordering swimwear from the US. Sometimes the tax, duty, admin charge etc etc is more than the cost of the item.

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HDon’t get me started. Last Christmas, I did a shop from the Disney online site. Got to check-out… :roll_eyes:

Had to put back the special luggage tags which cannot be shipped to the U.K. (who knew eh?). And something else too.

I was left with a couple of travel mugs, value say $15 each. Tax and so-on added and it came to $89. Err, no thanks! They’re still sitting in my shopping basket as far as I know!

As for my boys. Eldest is fine now, he pays for his own stuff. Youngest is still at home, and I’ve picked up the excise bill a couple of times. Usually about the same as the value of the item.

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