Magic Band charging privileges

For under 18 are charging privileges automaticaly denied on MB unless changed? My teens are reasonably responsible so I want them to be able to buy snacks, drinks, and souvenirs on their own. They assigned their own pins, but we got an odd message when DD was exploring the MDE app so now I am wondering if this is something I have to set up.

Thanks all! I know someone will have the answer. This is a terrific group.

They’re automatically allowed unless you ask for them not to be. Or at least they were last time we went. We all had the same pin and DS11 ‘paid’ for everything because he enjoyed it so much.


That is what I thought. I will have to go more in depth into what she was trying to do. Of course, the app was glitchy again last night so who knows? Thanks.

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All right (sigh). So what DD14 was doing was playing with the features in MDE to learn how it works before we are actually in the parks. She clicked on Mobile Ordering to figure out how to do that and it gave her the message ‘Guests must be 18 years of age or older to place a mobile order.’ Have a parent sign in etc. So is this something I can approve and they will unlock it or, as I suspect, are they not going to be able to use Mobile Ordering? If that is the case it is going to be a huge inconvenience and cut the usefulness of that feature by 70%.

If you share your login details, they could sign in as you to mobile order.

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I considered just having everyone sign in under my info. It would simplify things, but would it cause problems as well? For example, I order food from one place, she orders from another, but both are on my account at close to the same time. Problems with picking up food or placing two orders at different places?

I’ve never done it so I can’t say. I think it would be ok but I’m guessing.

I’ll let you know what happens. Wish me luck! It would make things so much easier for the pickier eaters to order their own.

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