Magic Band box (Silly Question)

I am helping my friend plan their very first vacation to Disney! Their trip is for her and her husband and their 6-year-old daughter. They haven’t told their daughter yet that they are going to Disney so I am helping her think of some ways to reveal the trip.

When the magic bands are sent, they are shipped in a plain, non-descript box, right? I know the bands themselves are in a Disney box with the Incredibles on them (at least they were a few years ago) but are they shipped in an additional box so that her daughter wouldn’t stumble upon it on the front porch and know immediately what it was? I assume so but it’s been a few years since we got ours last shipped to us and I can’t remember


we’ve gotten them 3 times this year, and it is a plain white box on the outside and all of the graphics are on the inside when you open it


Thank you!!!

Just wanted to add- I don’t think this is a silly question. I was actually wondering the same thing!


I just got mine last week. I looked on label and it doesn’t say Disney anywhere FYI