Maelstrom update

Looks like Maelstrom closing/refurb is delayed! FPP available thru Sept 30th. Oct 1st shows standby only, Oct 2nd it isn't on the list.


Maybe they will delay it until after my trip in Jan.! (wishful thinking 😞)

The system is really wonky right now in general. Epcot on 10/3 says distribution has ended for the day...

Now taking FPP's through Oct 5th!!!

Never been on maelstrom but I just changed my nemo to it on October 4th. What are ques like for nemo and is maelstrom worth it.

I bet the wait for Nemo won't be more than 10 minutes at the busiest point that day. Maelstrom may be up to 20 minutes depending on time. Good choice!

I think I really only want to go on it because I won't get another chance.

Have to redo my Epcot plan now.

It's definetely closing, according to the cast members at Maelstrom. Don't know if they really don't know anything, or just didn't want to tell, but couldn't get much info. I'll try again tomorrow with another CM. wink

Thanks for the efforts and the update! FPP can be booked right now through Oct 5th. Hoping it extends through the 11th at least. Hope you are enjoying your trip!