Made ADR for my DS

My DS is heading to WDW with some friends in December and I’ve been doing some planning for her. I was able to snag a BOG reservation for her before she got her Disney account set up. Is it worth trying to transfer the ADR to her? How would one do that? Would it be easier for me to just make her one of the people on the reservation? Would she have any problem checking in as me? Does affect their ability to pre-order their meals?

Assuming you trust your sister to actually go to the restaurant and not skip it, I would just give her the reservation number and have her give your name when she checks in. I did that with a friend and it worked with no problems.


Thanks @larrielaine. I do trust her to go, but I haven’t been to BOG before. How does the preordering work?

But here’s the other catch. It’s an 8:25 a.m. reservation on an EMH day, but they are not staying on property. Will they let them in at the gate?

Yes. Add as many names to the reservation as possible. She can scan her band (if you put her name on) or give your name/reservation number and they will let in the correct number of guests even if they aren’t listed by name. There is some kind of recent glitch with the pre order for BOG that happens if you don’t have names of some kind assigned on the reservation. So that is why I said to select names. Otherwise CM will see reservation for 4 and allow 4 people to enter.

I have a “Cindy Liner” friend in my friends list. Any time I go solo, I make my ADRs for 2 and use that name as a second - just in case I meet up with a fellow solo traveler who might like to join me for a meal.Seeing as how a solo is always seated at a 2-top, I’m not really “depriving” anyone else of a seat.

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Ha! I do that too with my pal “Ben”