M&M red carpet dreams at HS - worth the wait?

So what I’ve read about this I think my girls will love it, but it seems the only decent time to go without waiting well over 30 mins is first thing. If we did that it kind of throws out our plans for riding RnRC twice (we loved it at Pairs and didn’t get to do it twice there). Do you think it’s worth lining up for 40-60 mins for red carpet dreams later in the day?

I wouldn’t, personally. There’s nothing extra special about it, really. It’s your standard character meet. the main difference, as with most characters that are duplicated across property, is the costume

On our last visit we had friends with us whose girls were 8 and 6. Late in the afternoon we found ourselves strolling around HS without much to do and decided to meet M&M through the standby line for the little girls. The wait was a bit lengthy, but we didn’t really have anything pressing left to do anyway and the reaction of those girls…Oh my, it was quite possibly the highlight of the trip! For some reason the interactions there between the girls and the characters were just magical. It may have just been a fluke for us that day, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to schedule it particularly, but if you find yourself in the afternoon with a little time on your hands, I’d say give it a shot.

What/who is M+M?

Mickey and Minnie I believe.

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I’ve never heard of this - but if it’s a M&G, then that would explain it.

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