M&G interactions

So I’ve heard that if you yell “Andy’s coming!” the Toy Story M&G characters will drop to the floor and “play dead.” Backside of Magic also said if you yell “Do you want some chocolate?” at Kevin, the bird from UP! she will coming running over and mug you (in a friendly way). Someone reported in another thread that Baymax will play hide & seek if you ask him.

Are there other hidden character interactions?

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I thought the drop to the ground thing stopped because it was endangering the CMs and they were constantly having to do it.

“Squirrel!” with Dug always elicits a response. Or “Point!”

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Yeah. I just read that. When it was once or twice a day, it was okay. When every other visitor was doing it, they had to stop.


We could barely get Baymax to do a fist bump, I can’t imagine getting him to play hide and seek - even moving seemed tough.

I saw the other post as well. That costume seems rather awkward and since it’s blown up, they have to be careful about popping it. My kids had to take off their pins when meeting with him.

We were told to remind Donald he is #2 and Mickey is #1 (even just hold up two fingers), or even that Mickey is the big boss…ask where Mickey is, why does Mickey have so much more stuff in the parks, etc…that seemed to get him pretty steamed up.