M&G During Princess 5K

What’s the deal, generally, with meeting princesses during the 5K (as you run through Epcot)? Are the lines long?

It depends when you start. I didn’t turn in a proof of time for the half last month and started in last corral. To my delight-the lines for character Stops were little to none! It was fun staying ahead of balloon ladies who walk a 16 minute/mile pace. I’m in decent shape so I was able to make almost all stops then run ahead. If you are in middle corrals you’ll see longer lines. If you have someone to tag team with they could run ahead and save your place.

We will be in the last corrall-I reported slow times for us b/c we are running with a 6 year old (and an 8 year old, but she is a good runner). That’s great to hear that lines are shorter towards the end! Any other suggestions for logistics of the run, meeting characters, etc?