Lyons Family Trip Report 6/22-7/1

Hello, my fellow liners! I’ve learned so much from you all and we had such an awesome experience on our last trip, that I wanted to share out.

A little background:

Our first family trip to WDW was June 2017. It was supposed to be the BIG once in a life time trip, but we got hooked. This is our fourth trip in two years. DD3 and DD5 have no idea of lucky they are!

We bought annual passes in September when we went to for DD5’s birthday. We knew we would be back in Florida for a wedding June and I wanted to tag on a Disney trip, so it was worth it. I also knew that we wanted to try the Deluxe Dining Plan. It was ridiculously hot when we went in September, so I wanted to make us slow down and eat TS meals. Our kids are still little and the cost of characters meals is high, so we always seem to do well on the dining plan. More thoughts on that later.

Our original plan was to stay at POFQ, but when summer AP discounts came out, I could book AKL-Jambo for $10 more a night. We had never stayed at a deluxe before, so we happily made the switch!

June 14

We flew out on June 14. I had a one night stay booked at the Yacht Club with an AP discount. We were spending the next week at New Smyrna Beach for a wedding, but I thought it would be nice to do one night at Disney with my Mom who wasn’t joining us at Disney later in the trip. I also wanted the opportunity to check out Stormalong Bay.

As we were sitting at the airport waiting for our flight, which got delayed several times, I noticed that while I didn’t have a room ready text, the room charges were showing a Club Level Room with a Water View. I also had anytime FPs showing up in my account. I couldn’t figure out where they came from. It was a grand mystery, but I was hoping that we had somehow been upgraded.

After all of the delays, picking up our luggage, and installing car seats in the rental car, we arrived at Yacht Club about 9:45 PM. I was bummed that it was going to be too late for the kids to swim, but I was trying to just go with the flow. At check in, the CM announced that we were the “Family of the Day” and had been upgraded to a Club Level Water View room. Ya’ll, I’ve always wanted to stay Club Level, but I don’t think I could ever stomach the cost. I was SO excited. It’s also where the extra FP, which we couldn’t use because it was so late, came from. The CM offered to move them to the next day for us, but we didn’t have any park plans since we wanted to experience Stormalong Bay.

The CM kindly walked us to our room and showed us where the lounge and the concierge were. We got the rest of the luggage from the car, checked out the lounge and ate a few treats. Fireworks started going off while we were in the lounge, and my girls loved sitting on the balcony watching them. It gave me all of the Disney feels. They seriously know how to keep us coming back.


We ordered a pizza since it was now 11:00 and we hadn’t had any dinner. I don’t know how in-room dining generally is at the Yacht Club, but this pizza was burned. :grimacing: It tasted fine, but it wasn’t anything special.

That night about 1:00AM DD5 woke up crying saying her tooth hurt her. She has six-year molars coming in, so I thought that was the problem. I walked down to the check in desk and asked about medicine. They had a book with common pain killers in it I could select from and I could buy Advil right there. So thankful! The Club Level Concierge helped us call around to dentists in the morning because we were starting to wonder if the issue was a crown instead of new teeth. She found us a place, but our dentist at home advised us against going and told me to watch out for swelling on her face or a bubble near her gum. We took his advice and went to play at Stormalong Bay. This tooth though! It was the big wrench in our trip, but we’ll come back to that later.

We had a little breakfast at the lounge, and then went on to Stormalong Bay. Stormalong Bay is amazing! The kids loved the sand and it was so calm. Our last stay was at a value and the pool was insane. I don’t know if it was because it was early morning or if the pools at deluxes are generally calmer, but it was a lovely experience. I would love to stay here again with dedicated pool time. I think those cabanas are calling my name.

After a couple hours at the pool, we headed over to Trattoria al Forno for a late brunch. We hadn’t been to Trattoria since June 2017. The food is still solid and the character interaction is great, but I was sad to see that the fruit or yogurt before the entree is gone. I think my mom and I would book it just for the pastries. I could eat those Rapunzel suns all day long. :rofl: DD5 was happy for a steak.

DD5 was dressed like Ariel and DD3 like Rapunzel. DD3 is never too sure about characters, but DD5 eats it up. Ariel gave her so much attention. She was over the moon! Her face says it all!

Now, we were off to New Smyrna for a week for DD5 for fulfill her flower girls duties!


June 22, 2019 - Arrival Day with the Vineland Outlet, Disney Springs, 1900 Park Fare, and Pirates and Pals

With a week at the beach and a wedding under our belts, we headed back to Orlando. While we were at the beach, DD5’s face started swelling and our dentist called in a round of antibiotics for her. We saw a dentist while we were at the beach, but we wasn’t sure which crown was causing the swelling so he didn’t want to do anything. We had to just wait and see what was going to happen once DD5 was off of the antibiotics.

We got into Orlando about 11:00 and hit up the Character Warehouse on Vineland. We had a lot of luck there in the past, but it seemed really picked over this time. I found a spirit jersey from Flower and Garden, but there wasn’t really anything else spectacular. The girls found a few things we didn’t really need and DH picked up a misting fan for $5. We’ll probably try it again another trip, but I’m not sure it’s a priority for us anymore.

I learned about the Landry’s card through Lines, and I am so glad that I purchased one back in January 2018. It’s been SO useful. My girls love T-Rex and it allows us to go there when it’s convenient instead of at the mercy of an ADR. We checked in and were seated in less than ten minutes in the Meteor room, which is DD5’s favorite. I’m guessing since I had done online check in, our Deluxe Dining Plan was already activated? The server let us order up to four appetizers, which I thought was odd since two of the people on our plan were kids. Maybe he wanted a higher tip? We ordered three and sent DH and my DDs off to build a dinosaur. I’ve always thought that the food at T-Rex was decent, but nothing to seek out until you had kids who would really enjoy the theme. Since we were on the plan, I ordered the steak and it was not good. It was tough. I’ll stick to the coconut shrimp next time. :rofl: DH’s buffalo chicken sandwich was decent, but nothing to write home about. We were pushing it on time, so we didn’t explore much at Disney Springs this trip and headed to Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo.


Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House
I had booked a standard view room and at Principal Tinker’s advice had requested a room in a certain range in the 2000s that was standard view but still had a view of the animals. On the way over, I got a room ready text. It was for room 3282. It was nothing near where I had requested and my husband laughed as I hoped on Touring Plans to see what kind of view we were getting. I was kind of disappointed until we walked into our room and saw the view.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173

We had been upgraded again! This time to a Savannah View and the animals were out in full force. Tinkerbelle must have been overhead sprinkling some serious pixie dust. We watched the animals for a while and then hopped in the car to head to the Grand Floridian for 1900 Park Fare.

1900 Park Fare
1900 Park Fare was a place we might have never booked if it wasn’t for the rave reviews of Liners. This was our third time there, and it didn’t disappoint! My DD5 and DH were very picky eaters, but they always find something to eat here.

For our last two trips I’ve gotten really into “dressing” for Disney. It seems to only amplify the experience for our girls and we seem to get some extra pixie dust here and there because of it. If nothing, it gives the characters a jumping off point for interactions. My DD5 is ALL words ALL day, but she can get a little start struck and the outfits helps to break the ice. Tonight my girls were dressed as Anastasia and Drizella. The last time they wore these outfits Anastasia saw DD5 shrieked, ran over, and plopped a big kiss on her forehead. I didn’t think anything could top that.

I always get a giggle because Cinderella and Prince Charming never seem to know what to say when my girls are dressed this way, but we get awesome interactions Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella.

IMG_0192 IMG_0198 IMG_0211

That night when the music started playing for Cinderella and Prince Charming to dance, both stepsisters came over and grabbed my girls to dance. I tried to grab stills from my video, but they are blurry. It was such an awesome moment and my girls were ALL smiles! I’m not sure how we will ever top that one.

Pirates and Pals
After dinner, we hopped in the car the headed over to the Contemporary for Pirates and Pals. I had heard that this was a great experience and went ahead and booked it to try something different. When I booked at 180 days, DDs had no interest and Peter Pan. They watched the movie for the first time about a month before our trip and were obsessed. My DD5 is a huge fan of the villains and was beside herself to meet Captain Hook. Again, they were dressed for the part.

IMG_0214 IMG_0215 IMG_0221

I was a bit distracted at check in and I forgot to ask for an odd row on the boat. :frowning: Believe me, you want to ask for this. My view and the girls’ view was okay, but DH could hardly see the fireworks. After checking in, we had a few snacks and took pictures with Captain Hook and Mr Smee. The girls kept grabbing chocolate coins and Mr. Smee piled them both up with more.

We had a great time on the boat. We could see the Electric Water Pageant and Pirate “Patch” entertained us with songs and games. There are a lot of songs from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My DD5 cried when Jake stopped Meet and Greets in the park, so the songs were completely up her alley. My girls’ favorite part, however, was when Patch told us to point and laugh at everyone on the dock at the Grand Floridian. DH and I laugh because we can dress DD5 like a princess all day long but pirates and villains are more her vibe. She even has the attitude to match! God help us! :rofl:

HEA is completely different experience from the boat. You can’t really see the projections, so it’s all about the fireworks. I had watched HEA three times before, but I had never noticed all of the shapes in the fireworks, outside of the Moana ones. There are jellyfish, smiley faces, archery targets. It was so cool!

At the dock Patch gave each child a piece of “treasure” and then we had the chance to meet Peter Pan. This was the moment my DD3 had been waiting for, but she clammed up. Peter Pan was so good with her though. He called her “Little Shadow” and told her that she could come back for a hug anytime if she changed her mind. He also told her that she was his new best friend but not to tell Tinkerbell “because she would turn into a Stinkerbelle!” :joy: He even knew what to do with DD5 and called her Mrs. Hook. :laughing:

I’m not sure this is something that we would do every trip. I prefer HEA inside MK, but DD5 is already asking to do this one again. I think it’s definitely worth it if you’ve never done it before and have kids that are into pirates or Peter Pan.

DD5 pin traded with some sweet CMs on the way out of the Contemporary and then we got in the car, drove back to AKL, and called it a night.


Sounds like an awesome trip so far! Upgraded twice?! That’s amazing.


Where do you get all those adorable dresses?!


Yes!! I need to know! Your girls look adorable!!


thanks for sharing your trip! your girls’ outfits are great!

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OMG! Your girls are adorable. Those outfits, though. Mom wins Disney!


GoldaMae Clothing made and designed the bulk of our dresses for this trip. She sells on FB and books up several months in advance. But “shhhh!” :shushing_face: She’s our liner secret. :wink: I want her to make the girls Splash Mountain and Mr. Bluebird dresses for our September trip but she’s all booked up. Now I need to plan a 2020 trip. :rofl:


@Dreamer, I think our AP might have something to do with it? Or at least that’s my best guess. :woman_shrugging:

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Maybe? I’ve had an AP for years and have never been upgraded. Your trip seems magical. Can’t wait to read more.

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June 23 - Early Morning Magic Fantasyland, Crystal Palace, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and Cinderella’s Royal Table

I’m not an early morning person, but when we are at Disney,I don’t mind it. My husband routinely rolls his eyes at when I say we need to be ready and at the bus stop by whatever time, but he complies. :joy: For EMM we were at the AKL bus stop by 6:30. A bus came a few minutes later and we were on our way.

I was glad that we had extra time because we had a problem with DD3’s AP. The rest of us had upgraded our park hoppers from our “free dining” package in September to AP, but at the time DD3 was only 2, so she didn’t need a ticket. I bought her an AP in October and had it linked to her in My Disney Experience, but I didn’t know that I needed to still go to the ticket window. Her ticket came up as invalid. The CM at the tapstyles was really nice, but the (I’m assuming she was guest services?) CM who he called over was kind of snotty about it all. She shooed us over to Guest Services where not a single window was open. We had some tense moments where DH and I were worried that all of the money that we paid for EMM would go down the drain, but they eventually opened and got everything squared away.

In the time we wasted dealing with DD3’s AP, the crowds increased and all of the spots in the shade were gone. It was in the 90s and the “feels like” was closer to 100. Everyone expects Disney to be hot in the summer months, and I thought I was prepared for the heat, but it was brutal. :grimacing:

Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland

By the time they let us back for EMM, we were all a little cranky, but we turned it around pretty quickly. Already though it felt more crowded then when we did EMM in September 2018. I figured that once they “expanded” it, they would increase the number of tickets sold. We went on PP X2, Pooh X2, and then DH and I split up with the girls. DD5 and I headed to 7DMT while DH and DD3 went for a few more rides on Pooh. DD5 and I went on 7DMT 3X before we met up with DH to swap kids. The waits were slightly increased from what we experienced in September, but not by much. The biggest thing I noticed was that you couldn’t reenter at the mouth of the mine like we had before, you had to almost return to the FP entrance to reenter. I hope that makes sense. It seems like that was a new way to slow down returning riders.

While DD5 and DH rode 7DMT four or five more times, DD3 and I rode Pooh, Peter Pan, and the Carousel. I know other rides are open for EMM now, but I have a hard time using EMM time for rides I can grab FP for all day long. :rofl: DD5 and DH were supposed to meet us about ten minutes before rope drop, but they kept riding 7DMT so DD3 and I went to meet Rapunzel and Tiana. As we were exiting that queue, DH and DD5 walked up, so we went through again and then again to meet Cinderella and Elena. The princesses love their Tigger/Pooh dresses. They were a big hit with CMs.

Sometimes I still think that DH doesn’t how valuable the first hour is after rope drop, but I had promised myself this trip that I was going to do my best to not be the “Disney crazy lady” and to chill out and slow down when necessary. When DH asked to go to the store by Winnie the Pooh to purchase something we wanted to get for the girls, I gave in, even though I could hear the clock ticking in my head. Initially I wanted to try to rope drop Buzz since DD5 doesn’t like Space Mountain, but we had a FP for it later in the week, so I let it go.

After, we headed to Cosmic Rays for breakfast. I was curious to see how this compared to PVH. We had an excellent experience at PVH. The food was delicious and it was fun to watch the Small World boats go by. I don’t know if we were all just hot and cranky because we hadn’t really eaten, but the food at Cosmic Ray’s was not that good. The entree was preplated plates of pancakes, breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon. It was all so greasy and generally just gross. I was given a strawberry lemonade slushy after I asked for it, but I didn’t like having to go to counter and wait in line to ask for drinks. DH and I sat and chugged Cokes since it was way too hot for coffee. The buffet line had fruit, yogurt, and a limited selection of pastries. It was a huge step down from PVH. We don’t do EMM for the food, but the value did seem a bit diluted since breakfast used to be so great.

After breakfast we headed to HM for our first FP. DD5 used to love this ride, but now she’s terrified. You can see it all over her face in this picture. I think we’ll be sitting this one out for a while now.

Splash is DD5’s favorite, so we rode that next with our FP and used rider swap. I had FP for all four of us since the new policy isn’t really clear and seems to be inconsistent, so we “wasted” DD3’s FP. I finally figured out the best way to RS about halfway through our trip. More on that later. :wink: While DH and DD5 rode Splash, DD3 and I hightailed it back to Adventureland to get a Citrus Swirl. I always seem to have a snack list a mile long and I only actually get to eat one or two things off of my list, but I was determined that this trip was going to be different. The original Citrus Swirl is divine! Or maybe I think that just because I’m a huge fan of Orange Bird.:joy:

We headed back and then I rode Splash with DD5. We rider swapped BTMR and then headed to the Country Bears for some AC. I tried to really be conscious of the indoor to outdoor attraction ratio on this trip because I knew it would be hot. While we were in line for BTMR, I had grabbed a FP for Pirates after our Bibbidi Boddibi Boutique appointment.

Crystal Palace
DD3 and DD5 were dressed as Tigger and Pooh, so lunch at the Crystal Palace was a must. DD3 got nervous and wouldn’t take any pictures with the characters (We had a bad scare with Micky Mouse when she was 1 at Garden Grill, so any character interaction with her is a win).

Crystal Palace was about the same as I remembered it from June 2017. The water there is awful, but the food is okay. Nothing really stood out, but our bellies were full and it was air conditioned. Next up was the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
BBB had changed since our last trip to in 2017. Check in is now across (Did it use to be Castle Couture?) from the Castle instead of in it. The last time we did BBB, DD5 had an 8 AM appointment and was a hot sweaty mess by the time we got to CRT. She had requested this time that we not ride any roller coasters after her appointment because she was afraid she was going to lose her face gems again. Thus the 2:00 PM appointment.

DD3 wavered a bit. A CM “played” with their hair to see what kind of style they could do, but really I think she was checking for lice.:grimacing::joy: When styles, tiaras, and wands were selected, we went across to the Castle. BBB isn’t an every trip thing for us, but this was the first time DD3 was old enough, so it was fun. We had some great pictures, but the CM taking photos did seem spread a little thin.

We went to the temporary photopass studio by Philharmagic after to get more pictures taken. The CM spent so much time with the girls and we got some real gems.

After we rode Pirates with our FP and then headed to the Tiki Room for some more AC. Right before the show started, DD3 declared that she had to go potty, so we left the line while DH and DD5 went to go say hi to my Tiki birds. I know some people hate them, but I love the classic attractions.

While DD3 and I waited on DH and DD5, we grabbed a DoleWhip with pineapple upside down cake (It’s been on my snack list since 2017:joy:) and a cup of pineapple juice using Mobile Ordering. A kind CM gave DD3 her own little portion of Dole Whip and we sat down by the Magic Carpets and had our snack.

IMG_0345 IMG_0346

We grabbed FPs for both the Magic Carpets and the Jungle Cruise with no problem by using modify. I get ridiculous pleasure by being able to modify our FP so we walk on one ride to another. And then we headed to CRT for dinner.

Cinderella’s Royal Table
We had dined at CRT in June 2017 and hadn’t been back since. It was a one and done for me, but DD5 requested it again. We waited until our exact time to check in, since they are notoriously picky about that, and then we waited and waited to be called to our table. Families who came in after us were seated before us. We were hot, tired, sweaty, and impatient and my DDs were tired. By the time we got to our table we were all grumpy. The CM could tell and did his best to cheer us up, which helped.

The food was been delicious both times we’ve been to CRT. DH and I both ordered the filet and the Clock Strikes Twelve. I could eat Clock Strikes Twelve until I was sick. DH had been a CRT naysayer, but this visit was good and he said that his steak was one of the most tender he had ever eaten. We aren’t foodies by any means, but we do enjoy a good meal.

I think the sticking point for me on this meal will always be that the princesses are so rushed. They breeze by for a signature, a photo, and a hello, and then they are gone. :pensive: I wish for what you paid that the character interaction was more substantial.

After dinner we headed back to AKL. DH helped me stay on track and not book any more FP so that we could have an early night. I tend to run my poor family into the ground while at WDW and I was trying to avoid that this trip. We wanted everyone to be well rested for a great day at Hollywood Studios.


My sister used her for their last trip and she does an amazing job. Plus she is from near where I grew up so bonus. I follow her on FB and will hopefully use her for our next trip in a few years.


The Peter Pan and Captain Hook outfits are precious!

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great detailed report and photos! Amazing costumes.


Me too!

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Great trip report so far. I’m looking forward to the next installment!

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Loving your trip report! Your girls’ dresses are so cute and I love that you’ve gotten some extra pixie dust!


**June 23 (Part 1) -Hollywood Studios with EMM Toy Story Land, Hollywood and Vine, and Sci-Fi **

I think the heat must have really been affecting us all because my DDs were dragging and it was only Day 2. :grimacing: I had plans to get to EMM early. Liners had been so helpful about sharing that everyone was let back at 7 even though our time slot was 7:30, but we rolled in about 7:25. Remember I’m trying to roll with the punches this trip and not drive every one crazy, so we just kept moving. A CM at the tap-styles thanked me for being honest and purchasing a ticket for DD3. She’s tiny and doesn’t really look three, so I think we took her my surprise.

We had attended the very first TSL EMM back in September, so I was really curious to see how today would compare. Everyone’s reports had been so varied, so I wanted to assess it for myself. In September, we rode TSMM x3, SDD 6 or 7 times, ASS X1, and met Buzz, Jessie, and Woody all during EMM. We even ran into Kenny the Pirate while in line for Jessie and Woody. DD5 was starstruck! :rofl: It felt so “worth it” and breakfast was just a bonus.

Everything was running by the time we were back to TSL. I thought about heading straight for SDD because everything still seemed quiet, but I figured that is where everyone would go first. Looking back, that is where we should have gone first. Oh, well!

We went to TSMM and rode it twice without having to get off. DH and DD5 are huge TSMM fans and I think they would be happy to ride this the entire EMM, but we had other plans. We were headed to ASS when a CM stopped us and told everyone that it was down. Bummer! DD3 refused to wear the Buzz Lightyear dress I had bought her and would only wear “my aliens” dress. For whatever reason, she loves ASS. I sent DH and DD5 to SDD, which unfortunately, was where everyone else was headed. They waited a solid 15 minutes and it was the only ride we got on Slinky that morning. I didn’t even get to ride. Thankfully, we had FP for SDD later in the day.

While DH and DD5 were on SDD, ASS came back up. DD3 and I rode a few times and then got in the line for Jessie. The DDs are obsessed with Toy Story. DD3 watches Toy Story 3 just about every day, so for us the character meets were a must. Jessie’s new meet is over by ASS and right in the sun, so be prepared to melt. DD5 loves Jessie. She spent a lot of time with her.

After Jessie, DH and DD5 went to meet Buzz while DD3 and I waited in the line for Woody and Bo Peep. I feel like, after SDD, this is consistently the longest line at EMM. DD3 adores Buzz, but she stuck to me like glue our entire trip. She refused to go. DH said that the Buzz meet and greet was awesome and he even signed our book instead of using a stamp. That was new. Plus, we go this gem!

DH and DD5 got back to us a few families before our turn for Woody and Bo Peep. The pictures turned out a little goofy because DD5’s hat kept falling off and she was worried about it. DD3 got super shy and wouldn’t even show her face. I know some people think Bo Peep is creepy, but DH and I thought it was pretty neat. The skin suit makes her look more realistic.

We rushed over to TSMM for one last ride and watched the hoards roll in for SDD. I did notice that they let non-EMM guest in closer to 9 than the previous 8:45. That was nice. DH was in awe at how quickly the line built. I felt like the value in EMM was a bit diluted this time around, but it wouldn’t stop me from purchasing it again. I’d just like more rides on SDD!

After TSMM we headed over to Backlot for breakfast. Personally, I liked the ABC location better because it was closer to TSL, but other than that, not much had changed. I had the shrimp and grits the first time we did EMM, but I opted for the chicken and donuts as did the rest of my party. We feel like the food is pretty solid and light-years better than the EMM Fantasyland breakfast now that it is at Cosmic Rays.

I had a 5:45 SDD FP that I planned on modifying at the 9:31 drop. Thank you, awesome Liners who research those same day drops! At about 9:28 DD3 declared that she had to go potty. :grimacing: DH and DD5 were ordering our food and I didn’t want to lose our table in the AC. (If anything, that would be my gripe about the location change. A lot of Backlot’s seating is outside and who wants to sit outside when it’s 90 and feels like 100?) A kind couple offered to watch our stuff and off we went. While DD3 was on the potty, I was able to modify our 5:45 SDD FP to 11:45. Huge win!

After breakfast we were off to Frozen with a FP. We arrived near the end of our FP window and were kind of disappointed with our seating choices. CMs told us to go the far side of the theater. We followed directions and there were mostly only seats near the top open. Eventually we found some closer to the front. The girls loved it!

Up next was the Disney Jr. Dance party. It was down for refurb the last time we were at HS, so we are anxious to see how it had changed. My girls are the perfect age for this and LOVED dancing and singing along with their favorite pals. About 3/4 of the way through the show, it suddenly stopped and they made everyone exit the theater. It was the oddest experience I’ve ever had at Disney and DD5 was in tears. They were handing out paper FP at the exit and kept running out. I made DH hang back until we could get a FP. We were actually given two FP (The CM could see how sad DD5 was). They were good for any show at HS.

We headed back to TSL for our SDD FP. DH wasn’t feeling well (The heat was brutal) and didn’t want to ride, so I took his AP card and DD3’s magic band, and they went off to One Man’s Dream for some AC. DD5 had the best time! We went on Slinky twice and then met back up with DH and DD3.

We had lunch reservations at Hollywood and Vine. I watched a video on Disney Food Blog where they said that the only thing consistent about Disney restaurants is that they are inconsistent, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything truer! :rofl: Our first experience at H&V was mediocre, but the two visits have been great. My picky eaters always find something to eat, and I love the little cheesecakes with the popping pearls on top. I could eat them for days!

Donald Duck has made H&V our last two trips. This time DD5 was dressed as Donald and he went wild. DH also likes to rile Donald up by telling him he is #2. Ya’ll, Donald kicked him out of the restaurant and wouldn’t let him come back in. I think I’m still laughing about it.

Since DD3 was dressed as Daisy, we headed over to her meet and greet near Donald at the front of the park. While we were meeting Donald again, he walked us over to Daisy. So fun! The photographers weren’t sure who should be taking pictures though and we didn’t really get any good ones of them together.

We headed back to TSL for a TSMM FP that I grabbed after Slinky Dog. The FP queue was backed up, so we thought that something wasn’t right. While we were waiting in line they announced that our wait would be longer than predicted and my phone pinged with a My Disney Experience alert letting me know that our FP had converted to an anytime. I was worried this wouldn’t happen since we had already tapped in, but I was thankful. We bailed and I was so glad we did. TSMM was down for along time that day. While we walked over to the Incredibles at Pixar Place, I grabbed another FP for TSMM later in the day.

We grabbed a few of the fun “specialty” slushys at Pixar Place. The Secret Identity was fun. The cotton candy with the pop rocks was a fun touch and we bought an Alien popcorn bucket. We found some tall tables and stopped for a minute to eat our snack. Guys! You won’t believe the Disney magic that happens when you stop, slow down, enjoy the atmosphere, and talk to CMs! That was my biggest lesson this trip.

A few minutes after we stopped to eat our snack, a CM approached us and started talking to me and DD3. He asked us if had seen Edna Mode, and I told him that we were thinking about it, but I wasn’t sure about the 30 minute posted wait. We said that he was an intern with Edna and that he thought that she would appreciate the girls’ fashion. :wink: He asked us to wait for a few minutes and when he came back, he walked us right through the back door to Edna in front of everyone in line. It was such cool pixie dust!

After we met Edna, the dance party was starting. DD5 loves these events, so we let her run off and dance. DH and I sat and talked to a CM while we were waiting for DD5 to wear out. DD3 had to go potty for the millionth time that day, so I took her. While we were on the way back, DH text me and said that I wasn’t going to believe what had just happened. Mr. Incredible had his handler (I believe it was the CM we had been talking to) walk with him to the food cart to get DD5 a Frozone Slushy. Tinkerbell must have been hovering overhead again. I always wonder how anything can top our last trip and something always does. DD5 is huge Incredibles fan, so it made her day. It’s moments like these and my DD’s faces of wonder that keep us coming back time and time again.

I’m doing a terrible job of keeping these brief and I have to take my DDs to a playdate, so I’ll come back and finish this up later with Part 2. :slight_smile:


loving your report so far - you are killing it with your daughters outfits - seriously incredible and that you have some for every lunch/dinner or meet and greet etc. Seriously giving me ideas for my DD and our trip :slight_smile:


Awesome trip report. I love your daughters dresses! We had a similar experience to yours at the Disney Jr dance party when we were at Disneyland. We were at Frozen Live, with seats just a couple of rows in front of the tech booth. About twenty minutes into the show we could hear the people in the tech booth going bonkers and just as Elsa was finishing Let It Go the lights came up and they made us all leave. From what we could hear them saying in the booth I think there was a problem with the backstage lights. You were lucky to get fastpasses. We were just sent on our way with barely an acknowledgment. It was the one time on our trip that I felt let down by Disney hospitality. :cry: Glad you got a better resolution.

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