Lyft vs DME back to MCO?

My brother and his family have a 9am ADR at BoG and a 3:00pm (ish) flight from MCO. I’m trying to plan for their morning to be as “relaxed” as possible. I’ve heard that the DME can take hours of your time heading back to the airport. Would it be better for them to hire a Lyft? Any idea what the cost would be? We’d like to get them a gift card to cover it. Also ~ do you tip cash to a Lyft driver?

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DME picks up 3 hours before the flight assuming it’s domestic. I don’t know how much the journey would be but I’m pretty sure you tip on the app - you do for uber.


i forgot to mention, the Lyft to MCO would be from the Poly.

ok, i see you can get an estimate on the Lyft site … COOL!

Anyone know anything about Lyft gift cards? i see Uber cards in the stores, but i’m thinking maybe Lyft can only be gifted digitally?

Truly, you’ll gain not even a full hour by doing Lyft. The recommendation is to be at MCO minimum 2 hrs before your flight and MCO is one place where I definitely heed that recommendation since it’s a giant cluster muck no matter the time of day. Given the duration needed to drive from WDW to MCO (30 minutes) DME is not taking much more from your day and is giving you the ride for “free”


Only reason to Lyft IMO is if you will be leaving from a park and don’t want to have to factor in travel back to the resort to get DME. You may save some time. I think my Lyft was $28 (not sure if before or after tip, I don’t remember) from Disney area hotel to airport, and you can preschedule or request at the exact time you want. But my Lyft was only me so if you need XL or whatever it’s called, it will cost more.


Or if you have TSA precheck, I am doing that on my trip home in a couple weeks. Doesn’t make sense to use DME when I can check my bag at my hotel and then take off from the park using lyft.

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For some reason I thought that lyft/uber was a lot more to MCO. Isn’t it like 45 minutes?

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I thought that too but since I have zero experience did not feel like I could chime in

TSA pre does save a bit of time. I’m not sure it saves enough to cut arrival at airport less than 2hrs tho

I just flew MCO > MSP with a coworker, I was through TSA in about 90 seconds while she took about 15 or 20 minutes. Might not be like that all the time, but its been my experience lately.

Obviously it depends where you are leaving from, I would imagine the 45 minutes to factor in the time it takes for Lyft to show up. Usually in the parks I have waited 8/10 minutes for a Lyft sometimes.

That’s record time!

I was at MCO in April and they were holding on ALL passengers to screen. There was some kind of backup. So even TSAPre was delayed. Of course once it was lifted they went through first. Still, I’m a - get to the gate and relax a while - kind of girl, not a - run to the plane breathlessly praying they don’t shut the door - kind of girl :wink:

Me too!
I am always afraid I am going to miss my flight - I never have, so I don’t know why I am so paranoid about it, but I also get aggravated with myself, when I am there really early and think about what else I could have been doing lol

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Never have felt that way.