Lyft/Uber update?

Just wondering if anyone on the ground in Orlando can update me on how Lyft and/or Uber are going. We will need transport from Disney to Universal and back next week. It would be after HS closing time so 10 PM-ish to Universal and probably early evening coming back. I’d like to plan on Lyft/Uber to have flexibility in timing, but obviously don’t want to have to wait an excessive time or pay exorbitant fees. The alternative would be to book Quicksilver, but then we are tied to a certain time. What would those who have been recently recommend?

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We did not try to book early morning but we had absolutely no issue booking a Lyft last month.


There is a shortage of drivers so availability isn’t what it used to be and with that being a peak hour it might be even more difficult. Prices are definitely higher than they used to be. Multiple reports of $60+ fares to MCO and it’s usually $30-40.

Please update this with your rideshare experiences. I’m using Uber everyday for my entire trip.

Thanks for the info everyone. Yes, I’m mostly concerned about the after-park-closing trip since that’s probably a high demand time. I have a few days so I might check Lyft availability/prices at those times myself for a day or two and then decide.


Also one weird thing that happened on my trip was that if I tried to schedule a ride it was coming back with a much higher price than if I just booked at that time.

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Based on my experience from 3 weeks ago: used Lyft twice to/from MCO. No need to book early. Price surge happened one time with Uber, but not Lyft.

Overall, I would go for ride share again knowing there is a (small?) chance I could pay more.


Update…we are on our Lyft ride now. Called a little before 9 PM, Driver was there in 4 minutes and said there were numerous drivers there at the Speedway waiting for fares. “The free money is gone now, they have to work”- his quote. So from what he has to say Lyft availability is good now.


Just to add my 2 cents about Lyft in general as a data point. We were just in Denver during the all star game and I did notice the “surge” pricing. But the prices literally changed minute to minute and how long until pick up changed in the same fashion. Within 10 to 15 minutes of seeing surge pricing, we were able to get a reasonably priced lyft. My suggestion is if you see an unreasonable fair and or an unreasonable amount of time until pick up. Wait a few minutes and try again. I did check the difference between Uber and lyft and Lyft always seemed to have the better prices when I checked. Though I didn’t check all that often between the 2 apps. As soon as I saw a reasonable fair, I ordered it. I know its a different city but still the same rideshare companies so maybe some similarities.