Lyft or Uber pick up locations


Hi. We are wanting to use either Lyft or Uber when traveling between parks on our upcoming trip. We’ve only used Disneys bus transportation in the past. My question is … Will we easily be able to find each pick up area outside of the parks when we leave? We are wanting to do this to save time so I don’t want to waste time looking. Will there be signs pointing the way to the pick up locations?? Thanks!!


The only one that’s a little tough to find right now is HS. EP and AK are curbside just out of the park. MK will be at TTC


Thanks. When you say just outside the park is there a sign? Or do we just go to the parking lot area and request one??


Plenty of signage to guide you. And cast members to ask if it’s still unclear.


Is it hard to get one after the Halloween or Christmas parties? If we end up going, we probably will not have our own car.


All forms of transportation require some length of wait at park close. Even driving your own as you wait in line to exit the lot.


Got it, thanks! :grin:


Usually when leaving MK at night I will walk to CR and get a Lyft from there. Order it on the walk over.


When you sign in on the Uber app for a ride it will usually show you where the common pickup location is at your Resort or Park, and ask you to confirm that you are there. We have been ubering for most of our trip. Just took the Disney Bus from Animal Kingdom to Contemporary for the first time, and I will definitely be ubering whenever possible instead!