Lyft or Uber from GF to Boardwalk?


Has anyone used either for morning resort - resort transportation?
We are staying at GF and have a 9am Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno. Don’t really know if we want to deal w/ figuring out/stressing over bus to Epcot, then get to Boardwalk etc…we’ve always had good luck w/ Disney transportation for the most part but for a morning resort to resort, thought this may be best. Thoughts?


I have used Uber for early morning and I plan on using it again. It usually cost between $7-10 dollars. You do not need car seats?


Our little guy is on the verge of not needing his booster anymore! I think by our November trip he definitely won’t! If he does, then Disney transport it is, but if not then I think we’ll do this!


Either is great. We used uber. Here’s a discount code if you need it. I think I have one for lyft too. Laura has given you a FREE Uber ride (up to $15). To claim your free gift, sign up using this link:


You may find this info useful:


We bought one of these


If using Dis trans - it might be easier (and more fun) to do bus to Hollywood, then Friendship boat to Boardwalk.

In the am, however, I’d use Uber/Lyft if possible. Less stress, and cheap.


I miGht buy one of theses fir our trip to ny. I was going to lug her regular booster seat! Check it at the airport


My thoughts exactly!!


We used Lyft this past December. Went on their website and down to promotions, received $55 credit good for $5 off 11 rides. With that most of our trips to different resorts after the credit were well under $5. Example, we went from POP to Hollywood Studios and it cost us $2.80 plus time. Went from Yachtsman Steakhouse to Pop and it was under $5.


We just used Lyft last week to go from Beach Club to Wilderness Lodge. We requested a minivan because we had 4 people plus a stroller. It worked great.