Lyft or Uber cost in park

We will be a party of four at the Caribbean and am curious what is the average cost of using Lyft or Uber to get to AK or DS.
Thank you in advance for any info.

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$10.72 from CBR to AK and $7.72 to DS according to my Lyft app

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Thank you Lochneffmonster. That gives me a better idea what the cost would be. Appreciate the info very much.

You can get on the Apps and put in your trip but not complete it so it is not ordered.

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It’s super cheap

Thank you all for your help. With time management being so important, it would definitely be a valuable asset to use.

i plan on snapping up a couple Lyft gift cards at target before my trip. I’d rather spend $10-15 than wait in line for busses

Yes, definitely utilize Uber or Lyft or both like we did on our recent trip. Worth the minimal charge to be in control of your schedule. We always seemed to be running a bit late for our first FPP so Uber was a godsend except for the one poor Uber driver whose Uber app kept sending her to the old ride share drop off for HS that is now just for Disney transport. We only used the buses at the end of the day.

Also check into where you are staying about the pick ups. Some of the moderates are so huge, we have heard of drivers having trouble finding you/a pick up spot. We have only used them to/from the airport and to Disney Springs but from hotel entrance as well. Keep in mind the drop off for MK is at TTC. As to doing all of this to get to SWGE by 6 am at HS, there may already be a tremendous line by that point, so time saved by not taking the bus, may be futile. Hopefully, we hear more on a vitual line, etc.