Lyft from MCO

My flight lands at 3pm and I have a FP at MK that ends at 5:40.
I’m traveling alone so, instead of messing around with DME, I am going to grab a lyft to the resort.
Is there a designated pickup point for Lyft at MCO?
Think I can make that fast pass (I do love a challenge)?
Staying at Coronado and am happy to Lyft from there to Contemporary to get to MK if it’s cutting it too close.

If you go straight from plane to lyft, I would think you get to resort by 4-4:30pm. Should be doable.

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There is a designated pick up for Lyft. The first time we did it, it took us forever to find it. It is the floor above the DME pick-up and a floor below the departure drop off. For some reason, we just kept missing how to get to that level.