Lyft at Disneyland

We are staying about 3/4 mile away from Disneyland with kids and am hoping to use Lyft/Uber some to save our legs. Does anyone have any Lyft or Uber tips or tricks? How fast is it in the evening?


We’ve only done Uber once when we slept in for an early dining reservation and needed to find a way to get there ASAP (and skip even the 15-20 min. walk) so I don’t have much first-hand experience.

I do know they have a pick-up/drop-off area near the pedestrian area that gets very bogged down close to the end of the day so walking to a nearby site can save you quite a bit of time. BUT I know a lot of the hotels & businesses around Harbor have signage about no Uber/Lyft pick-ups (but they happen anyway, we see them every night we leave at a peak time to leave).

If your hotel is near the Toy Story parking lot you can walk to the lot & use the shuttles there for transport. Also, Anaheaim has a decent transit bus ART that may be near your hotel. The fare is relatively cheap & from what I hear the busses run fairly frequently.


I second this option. I stayed at the Hilton at the Convention Center last November. It was super easy, convenient, and cheap to ride. Though, you may have to wait for a bus after the park closes.

@Incredible_Family: I wrote about the ART bus here: Me Time


Agreed on this as well. It’s been a few years since we used them, but they worked well from the Embassy Suites Anaheim South years ago (about 2 miles down Harbor Blvd). Plan for the ART buses here like you would a bus at WDW and you’ll be in good shape. I know that an additional 3/4 of a mile at the beginning and the end of the day can feel like too much with young kids.


DD and I just got back from a day trip on Wednesday :blush::heart: We’ve been taking Lyft for 6 years now from the ARTIC Amtrak station to Disneyland and back. I can honestly say I’ve only had one bad driver who canceled as he pulled up outta gas and kinda rude. I’ll ask for a drop off at Desert Inn on Harbor Blvd right across from Disneyland main entrance. (Even when we are just in for a quick day trip.) The response is usually less than a minute and pickup within 5. Rates vary but not much. This trip for the first time on the way back we got picked up at the Hertz because we ran to 2 stores inside the Gardenwalk mall. The place is kinda deserted at the moment but there are 2 stores in there that carry exclusive Funko, Loungefly and Squishmallows :rofl::rofl::heart::heart:

These were the prices from February

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