Ok so definitely not the 18th then :rofl:


You know the DL race is coming back next year. Any Liners want to do it with me? It’s a long shot for me, but I could be convinced…

Now THAT is a good picture!

Wow I literally LOL’d. Woke the kids up even. That was a good laugh, thanks!

Gotta tag @Shellott_hill who is similar to me in his lurker-poster-lurker nature

My grandma used to live in Brevard, visited many times. That is such a beautiful area!


I did undergrad at Brevard College.


How cool! I do love the NC mountains. It’s my original happy place.


I mean, you and your friend could just meet me down in you-know-where since y’all are already planning a trip and what-not. It’s really not that much farther :woman_shrugging:


So thankful we don’t have to wear masks in the parks anymore!
I still can’t believe it was okay to come to Disneyland to remove our masks and eat all day long, but we couldn’t go to Disneyland when they reopened to ride rides with a mask on. :crazy_face:


Next time I get back for a few days! Last few times have been very quick over the holidays.


I so totally would!


I do lurk quite a bit. I read a lot more than I post. I think it has to do with my shy nature.

I remember that trip! It is the trip I decided that I was going to start training for a Dopey! Now I can’t stop running them.

As for the California race, I have been pondering it ever since the news. I am wondering if it is possible to set up an epic…Dopey 2024/DL challenge. We could get the added bonus of a coast to coast medal!

Oh…I think I can also give @Jeff_AZ a run for his money on the showing of a bare leg… :rofl:


I loved every bit of this response


Kudos to you for showing some leg without fear. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m honored but I demand a retake of that picture! Without masks, please. Let’s coordinate a trip!

Honestly, that was my first Liner meet, too, and it was an awesome experience meeting you and @Wahoohokie. I forgot who suggested the meet up. :thinking: I was a bit apprehensive. But it was such a good experience, I initiate discussions about Liner meet ups when schedules align.

I’ve had a number of Liner meets since then but all of them have been at DLC. I’m leaving for WDW Saturday and hoping for my first Liner meet at WDW! Stay tuned…

Thanks @NoBellePrizeWinner for starting this thread. I hope it encourages some lurkers to be less shy! The Forum is, not can be, very intimidating! How do I even insert a comment? What if I’m wrong? Will people chat with me?.. See, one can have a hard time coming out of lurkdom! But I tend to lurk a lot because I have a hard time keeping up! And I don’t have the Disney experience many of you have.

My profile says I’ve been a member since 2012. While that is true, I didn’t start lurking until I was preparing for our 2019 trip. And it took the pandemic for me to feel very comfortable posting. For years, I told my kids not to talk with strangers online. Suddenly, I found myself talking to strangers online, sharing so much about my life (@janamelia reminded me today about a picture I shared of the Christmas decorations on my staircase last year!), and meeting up with them in person! DH was appalled that I have been sharing live vacation reports and pictures since 2021!

This is my only social media. I glance at Nextdoor every week to see what’s happening in my neighborhood, like the burglary up the street from us last week at high noon! :tired_face: I find Nextdoor people judgement, mean spirited, hostile, and unkind. You peeps are always kind, helpful, encouraging, and among other things, generous! The first time I experienced these traits was when we were trying to get tickets for Touch of Disney. We had a great time encouraging one another while waiting in the virtual queue to buy tickets and then @93111tink offered to help me buy my tickets! I was so touched! :smiling_face: Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart! BUT why hasn’t anyone helped me with Harmonious!!!


Well, WDW is open all year long, and this festival is only once a year. Get your priorities right!!!



What help did you need with this? If you asked a question I either missed it or was distracted!


My first proper liner meet was with @Nicky_S and @melcort10 :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:
I have no pictures of this on my phone :scream:
I will have to try and find the thread with the pictures.

Before that I said hello to Ray the podiatrist from chat when he was working at BB, but that was so fleeting that it barely counts :laughing:


My first liner meet was in London with UK liners from the FB page (which was set up when some chat liners got annoyed at not being allowed non-Disney threads as I understand it - before my time) in March 2016.

I then met chat liner @vmorrison63 for dinner when she was over here in March 2019.

That was closely followed in August 2019 by my first meet at WDW - our first morning waiting to be let in to Epcot for a pre RD GG breakfast, those were the days! - with @supercalifragilistic.


Hmmm my first Liner meet was with liners from chat. Not sure if I should call them out here :rofl: my first meet with forum folk was this!!


I hate my face on this picture :joy:


I think you look happy and like you’re having a great time :grin: