Lunch recommendation near Epcot main gate?

Is there a good CS location in Epcot Future World (preferably the East side, as that’s where we’ll be doing attractions), or outside the park on the monorail we could hit before entering?

Looking for a tasty lunch option before hitting an afternoon in Epcot, but don’t want to have to venture into the WS at that point in the day (we’ll be spending the evening there). What are your favorite CS locations in that area? Thanks!

Sunshine Seasons. It’s in the Land Pavilion with Soarin’. It has several different food court selections like an Asian place, a bakery, sancwiches and other tasty offerings. It’s my go to QS in Future World.


The only CS on the east side of Future World is Electric Umbrella (Innoventions East) but it’s not at all what most call “good.” The only other CS in Future World is Sunshine Seasons (The Land), and it is very good! Big variety and good, tasty choices. Just like @larrielaine described.

To be fair, there is a limited CS in Future World, that is Fountain View (Innoventions West) but it is not a lunch place, more like Starbucks with breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

Anything “outside the park on the monorail” would be at the MK monorail resorts. Not near Epcot.

I second Sunshine Seasons. The menu is not typical theme park food. A good number of choices. We’ve eaten there 3 times in the last year and everyone has been quite satisfied with the food.

Sunshine Seasons in the Land is really the only good FW option. Electric Umbrella is nasty. If you’re at TT, and it’s lunch time, you might want to consider La Cantina in Mexico. It’s not great, but much better than Electric Umbrella and probably closer than SS.

Sunshine. Also chefs de france or Bougellone Pattisary (sorry for hacking the spelling). It isn’t in future world - but it isn’t far.

Thanks everyone. Sounds like Sunshine Seasons, the WS, or just eat the resort. Given the timing of the day, I may just opt for the last one then and get a snack as we enter the WS. Thanks for the input! I’ll keep Sunshine Seasons on my list as a backup. We have ADRs at Garden Grill on our first Epcot Day that I had considered tossing out, so that sounds like it might be a good alternative. :slight_smile:

There’s a cart near test track that sells a few varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup - we thought it was really good!

NOW you tell me!!! My wife would have loved that.

I must be the only person to have ever had a good experience at the Electric Umbrella. It is still the only place at any park where I’ve had fries so hot, they burned my mouth, and the brisket burger was juicy and delicious, too.

And now I have to try the grilled cheese cart!!

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