Lunch places at Magic Kingdom - recommendations

what are your favorite places to eat (QS) at the MK? With kids?

We loved Columbia Harbor House, but our kids love shrimp and fish so that was the main driver. They do have your regular Disney kids meals of nuggets and mac n cheese, but we opted to split 3 adult meals between me, husband and 2 kids.

2nd floor is a great quiet place to enjoy your meal and the window tables give you a great view of Liberty Square. If you have a stroller you have to park it outside to go to the 2nd floor.

We also meant to try Villaghaus and heard good things about Pecos Bill but didn’t make it to either of those because we opted for Columbia Harbor House a 2nd time and had ADRs other times.

All of the QS are tough with kids, in terms of corralling everyone, IMO. For that reason, unless the park is nearly empty, I will never again set foot in Cosmic Rays. Good food, horrible situation.

We did really like Pinocchio Village Haus last time, with some slightly different options than chicken tenders and burgers. And we used to like Pecos Bills, but we have not had the new menu.

We like to stop at Friar Nooks for the BBQ chicken mac and cheese. They also have hotdogs. If our kids are not up for either (and they usually are not) we grab them a mickey pretzel on our way over. It’s a quick lunch but tasty. One of us scouts a table (open outdoor covered seating) while the other orders.

Not quick service but we like the Plaza

Do people generally have any luck with the Plaza without an ADR?

It is kind of small I like to eat there around 11. In and out and the food is good and it is relaxing

We also ate at Columbia harbor house twice… Food was good and upstairs dining very relaxing…

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I loved Columbia harbor house. It was a mad house ordering but I sent DH with kids to grab a table upstairs, get utensils, napkins etc while I ordered. DH showed up to help me carry food upstairs. We did the same at Pecos Bill but I liked CHH better. The food wasn’t bad at all I just felt CHH was a better value.

CHH was very good. We ate there in March with the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Have passed it dozens of times and didn’t know it existed.

we ate at Columbia Harbor House, BOG lunch, Peco Bills and Pinnochio Village Haus and Cosmic Rays a few weeks ago when we were there.

Try Pinnochio Village Haus, and getting a seat by the windows that overlook It’s a Small World.

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