Lunch in the MK

Where do you like to eat lunch in MK?

We have a short trip in May. I want to maximize park time so I don’t want to leave MK to go to a monorail resort.

DH can’t abide Pecos Bill’s and I’m no fan of Cosmic Ray’s. We’re not interested in BOG. DD8 is with us.

I’m hoping someone can inspire me to try something I hadn’t considered. Thanks!

Have you been to Columbia Harbor House?? It’s very good!


Caseys corn dog nuggets, fries and fake cheese is pretty much out go to mk lunch! Great value, fast and easy to take along or eat in line if needed :wink:

Do dole whips count? I like liberty tree Tavern, but if you don’t want a take service meal, either Columbia harbor house or Casey’s is hotdogs and simple.

The waffle sandwiches and ice cream sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow are quite good too, if you’d rather avoid the crowds of a proper counter-service restaurant.

(Hi @keithloveswaffles!! I haven’t seen you in a while!)


LTT is my favorite for lunch in the MK. For QS, CHH is the only one I go to (althoug for a snack, the ice cream cookie sandwich at SH is awesome).

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Liberty Tree and Plaza are my go to lunch spots. Marginally more than CS, and table service is a nice break in the middle of the day. Columbia Harbor House is still my favorite CS in the park

I’d also say either LTT or Plaza. For QS we normally do Peco’s but you said that’s a no lol. Maybe some pot roast mac & cheese at Friar Tucks or CHH if you like seafood.

Not a fan of any of the CS lunch spots at MK - we do a pack lunch instead.

We like CHH too. Fairly good and quiet.

Would DD8 like Crystal Palace (or maybe your family has already tried it)?

@Sally_Carrera, we love CP! In fact DH wanted to go there but DD said no character meals. I’d rather save that $ if she’s not interested.

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We tried Columbia Harbor House last trip and were surprised by how nice it was. The fried shrimp were good as was the tuna sandwich. The fruit cobbler made a nice change from the usual QS desserts.

I also really like the chicken waffle and the fruit and Nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow - the downside is the limited outdoor seating.

If I just want a snack, then my favourite thing to get is a cream cheese pretzel from the Lunching Pad.

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Thanks for all the ideas. We do love upstairs at CHH, but picky DD doesn’t. I think I’ll stick with LTT. Can’t go wrong there.