Lunch at HS - looking for a recommendation

Any recommendations for lunch at HS? It’s just DH and me, and we’re open to TS or QS - just want good food and good atmosphere. Another option is to do brunch at AK before heading to HS - would that be better? Thank you!

Hollywood Brown Derby without a doubt

Ask for a booth table when you book. If they will let you. Or else a table near the booths away from the main floor which will be busy

It a recreation of a famous old restaurant in Hollywood with very good food, loads of old photos of the movie stars eating in the original restaurant, great service and lovely atmosphere

We love the place and the atmosphere

It’s not the cheapest option but im sure it’s the best in HS

Sounds good! Due to FP timing we have to cancel a Tiffins ADR, so happy to find another nice meal out : )

I love HBD! I have always loved my meals there. I will say that 50s can be fun too but I would prefer HBD.

50s more for families I think? Wasn’t great service for us that day and we had to wait so long for our table (which was booked but not ready) that we didn’t even have time for dessert

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Tune in Lounge is good for couples and it is 59s food.

HBD is hands-down the best food in the park. Down from that, I like 50s and MM equally; just depends on what kind of food I want. Sci-Fi is a very unique setting, but I don’t think the food is as good as the others. I don’t really like any of the QS options in DHS.

Tune In is one of my top favorite places to get a drink in WDW. I know you can order off the 50s menu, but I never have. Not a lot of seats, so it could be dicey if you were planning on it for an actual meal.

I have been pretty lucky just sitting at the bar but I have also seen it crazy busy.

Done! Booked HBD. We can always check out Tune In for a snack/drink later : ) Thank you!

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It’s a shame you had to cancel your tiffins reservation as that is also a brilliant meal


Gives us a reason to go back : )

Backlot is good, I love Sci Fi.