Lumberjack Show

Pretty fun. I’d check it out in person. Was hoping for that log rolling thing too. :slight_smile:’s-canada-pavilion.htm

I watched the video as well and thought “eh”… Because of the rediculously small stage, they can’t do any of the really “cool” stuf: log rolling, pole climbing, tree felling… The lumberjack skills are OK, but the forced excitement on the part of the emcee is just too much for me…

It’s not officially opened quiet yet. Yesterday was soft openings, which meant that you had a ton of very dressed up people watching the crowd watching the show and taking notes, followed by a group of people with tablets canvassing the crowd afterwards. We didn’t see the show (just saw the sawdust being swept up), but the CM experience was pretty neat.

I’m sure there were plenty of reasons for not keeping Off Kilter. But this replacement makes no sense to me. I can’t see crowds consistently forming to watch this.
I agree the host is way over the top

Part of me wonders if there was a need to provide entertainment (so people don’t complain that there’s nothing to do in Epcot) but reduce the amount of people clogging up the main artery around the lagoon. Certain times of year, it is profoundly frustrating to walk anywhere that there is a live performance going on (except for Japan), so having shows that attract smaller crowds will be MUCH better for crowd flow. It also would allow the ability to put in a few more lagoon-side restaurants without having massive crowds congregating out front for some free entertainment…

Interesting. So, you think WDW is going for less popular shows?

I do, yes. If people are watching a show, that’s 30 minutes (more or less) that they are standing around and clogging travel lanes but not spending any money. While folks may have bought a CD or two for things like Off Kilter or Mo’Rockin’, there’s not a lot of merchandising opportunity with the entertainment acts in World Showcase.

So what’s the benefit to having performers that draw a crowd but negatively impact guest experience for people who aren’t watching those shows by making it difficult for them to get around? Simple solution – get rid of what’s causing the bottleneck (whether that is a food stand selling beavertails or a band causing people to clog the sidewalk). Put something else in, so people don’t have a viable complaint about there being fewer entertainment options. You won’t have the negative experience of trying to push and shove your way through a bunch of people crowding the sidewalk and you still have entertainment for people who are interested. With very few exceptions, the path around World Showcase Lagoon was never built with capacity for both people and large-draw entertainers. They can’t make the path larger, so the entertainers needed to go.

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I think having a loud barter type MC is more irritating as you’re walking around Epcot. I’d rather have music.

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I think they need 5 - 10 minute shows that either pull or push guests into areas or behaviors that produce revenue to WDW. I am surprised that all entertainment isn’t moved into a restaurant or bar during off peak times in order to pull the food & drink revenue in

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It had been explained to me that the changes at Epcot were in an attempt to bring things back to the original intention: authentic entertainment from the various countries represented in World Showcase. Well, I’m Canadian, and lumberjack shows are NOT an authentic representation of Canadian entertainment.


Say what? You all don’t carry around axes and chainsaws? :slight_smile: But, in all seriousness, what would be authentically Canadian?

Skinning animals for fur?


I suggest anyone interested in the reasons behind Off Kilter, Mo’Rockin, the Fife and Drum, or World Showcase Players being let go check out the Save Off Kilter Facebook page. Several members of those groups post regularly. As far as the idea that Disney brought in less interesting entertainment intentionally, that’s Rubbish!!

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Canadian entertainment, much as Canadian culture in general, is pretty indistinguishable from American entertainment and culture. For movies, music, plays, toys, gaming, TV, for the most part is the same as you. My mother would slap me for saying that, but it’s true. As such, I personally (and this is a Canadian saying this) don’t believe that there should be a Canadian pavilion at Epcot… wouldn’t Greece or India be much more interesting? Or Spain or Brazil? Who goes to Epcot saying “you can keep Soarin’ and Test Track, I got to get me some Canadian Pavillion!!”?

Anyways… the above is less true if you’re talking about the Quebecois (the French portion of the country in the province of Quebec), but as just a single province they would not be authentically representative of our entire country. If you were asking what would be some form of honest/authentic/relevant, unique Canadiana entertainment that is not completely embarrassing or lame, I’d think the only thing that would be appropriate would some sort of Maritime (east coast provinces) act… for an idea, listen to some “Great Big Sea” in youtube. Sound familiar? That’s right, they sound just like… Off Kilter.

Interesting and pretty much what I was guessing. Agreed. Something less North American/European would be way cooler and far more interesting. Although, I’ll give the lumberjacks a try. Something tells me they won’t last as long as Off Kilter. Don’t think there are enough logs in Orlando anyway. :slight_smile:

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When EP first opened, Canada had a strolling Brass Quintet; the Canadian Brass were VERY popular at the time, it it was a logical homage (and man, were they good). Similarly, Off Kilter was an appropriate choice because many of the “big name” Celtic Rock bands originate from Canada (check out Enter the Haggis).

As an American, I really like Canada’s presence in the WS. I’ve had the opportunity to live in both New England and the Pacific Northwest and have had the chance to experience Canadian culture first-hand - at least on the two coasts. But there is a HUGE amount of Canada in the middle that I’ve never seen.

Now if only they would open a stand that sold “regular” poutine and not all the “gourmet” stuff with truffle oil that they have in Le Cell… And maybe some bacon and cheese fougasse like the ones from the Montreal bakeries…

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Now I’m hungry!

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My prediction….within a year or so, there will be a quick-service dining location on World Showcase Lagoon announced right in the corner across from Le Cel. So you may get your poutine dreams. :wink:

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Lucky for me, I can get great poutine here in NYC. I want to try the poutine in the MK too.

Though I come from Canada, the best poutine is not where I’m from. You can take a literal poutine tour through Quebec, and it’s there where the magic happens. Different regions have their own cheese curd. Or if you’re in the big city (Montreal), you can check out a place like this.

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