Lula Roe Disney Prints

Just curious who else is obsessed with the Lula Roe Disney prints? I have been shopping online all day for them for our upcoming trip in February! Just curious to see who else loves them and wears them to the parks!

FYI I do not sell Lula Roe! LOL


Me! I bought quite a few as soon as they came out. :heart_eyes: I had to unsub from my Lula groups to stop buying them…gotta have some $ left for our trip.


Same! I spent Saturday buying for our trip in February, I thought it will be perfect weather to wear them. I bought 17 different pieces (wholesale pricing or below from GOB sales). I completely agree about un-subscribing lol

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I have a Mickey, two Minnies, a Donald Duck, and a pair with Rajah, Abu and Genie on them. I also have a Minnie Carly (dress) and a Mickey Carly. I’m a little obsessed. My high school students are used to all of my LulaRoe clothing. In the Spring and Fall it’s all I wear. I’ve had kids ask me where my “fancy pants” are when I wear jeans once a month.

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Those GOOB sales are the BEST!!! I troll them this time of year for Christmas gifts since my mom and sister love it too.

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what are GOOB sales?

Going Out Of Business.

Consultants who have decided that the time they’re spending vs. the income they’re receiving is not worth the effort, and are selling off their remaining stock for “below retail”… often really good deals.

How do you find those?

Best I’ve found is to search FB for “LulaRoe GOOB” and see what pops up.

Sometimes, you find great deals on great stuff.

Other times, you see why the few pieces left are still left.

Happy hunting!

Yes - GOOB and Lula for Less groups. I don’t pay full price for any Lula unless I absolutely LOVE the print.

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