Luggage storage at MCO

Hi !
We are coming for a new trip in December, we come from France. Very excited about it :smiley: !
Becofd WDW we would like to go for a few days to New Orleans. We found a fligh but we will have big luggage that we don’t need in louisianne… and i found out that there isn’t any official luggage storage in the airport. Has anyone experienced the same and found a solution to store their luggage ? Thank you :slight_smile: !!

I don’t think any airports store luggage anymore for security reasons. You’ll have to keep it with you.

I’ve heard there are places where you can rent a storage locker for a few days. I don’t know anything about it, but that might be the option for you. Also, not optimistic, but you could ask at your hotel if there’s any storage options.

Otherwise, rent a car, put your luggage in it and park it. The cost will be parking and a rental fee. Might be cheaper than anything else.