Luggage Safety while at Parks?

We will be going to Epcot on our last day and will be starting the drive home at the end of the day. We drive a midsize SUV and use a luggage carrier that attaches to the trailer hitch. (Our suitcases will all be inside of a large zipped bag that’s tied down to the carrier, but there’s no way to lock it. We will put computers and other valuables inside of the locked car.)

Will our luggage be safe in the carrier while we’re at Epcot?

Is there valet parking available that might be safer?

Other ideas?

are you staying on site? can you leave it at bell services until you leave?

I would do like @VikeQueen suggests and leave it with bell services if you are worried. Then all you have to do is swing by the hotel, strap it to the vehicle and ride off into the sunset (crying, of course, because you are leaving the best place one earth).

I could leave it with bell services, but we were hoping to save time (by not having to return to the resort after a day in the parks).

I guess I’m really wondering what everyone thinks in terms of safety if we leave it in the parking lot.

You’d think it would be safe, but you never know - all it takes is one random person walking by at a quiet time. As a compromise - how much effort would be required to pull the suitcases and stuff them inside the car once you got to Epcot? And then load them back at the end of the day?

That way they are locked up safely and you have no worries, at least beyond someone breaking into your car. If that’s a 10 minute time cost, it might be the best compromise. Just a thought…


My radar is up right now, as I have been following a conversation on chat about how Orlando is one of the hot spots in the country for fraud. Many people reporting recent debit card hack at beach club via use of the ATM. Apparently skimming is a huge issue around the world, that I don’t think gets must publicity. I recognize that is a very different type of issue, but I personally would not feel safe with my luggage unsecured all day and would not be able to enjoy my day.

I second @Damavs idea, if you really don’t want to leave them at bell services.

laptops likely won’t survive a day in a car in the hot Florida sun. Guest services seems safest from stealing and damage