Luau & Ohana kids food

Now that we’ve moved to the Poly for our stay I’m looking more into their food choices. I already had breakfast at Kona for some tonga toast and we have the rest of our mornings filled with CRT, CP, TH.
Looking at dinners though, I think it may be fun to take my DS4 to the luau since he’ll be turning 4 during our stay and what little boy doesn’t love fire dancers. Problem is he wont eat a single thing on the menu. Same with Ohana. My DD7 will eat small amounts, but not a lot either. I’ve read in a few places that “kids food available upon request” but how big a deal is it to get it and what are the items?
I keep hearing that we should try Ohana but besides the breakfast, again, I don’t think the food will go over big. Some Grill on the Green and the pool may be more relaxing but I keep thinking we HAVE to go to one of these.

Really wish I could switch CP for Ohana breakfast since my kids just started watching Lilo but we’re in MK early that day.

I’m not sure what they would have brought out but the night we went to Ohana my son was having a little bit of a moment and was barely picking at the food for the first half of the meal. Our server asked if he would like something else to eat instead. So they definitely will offer something else. We declined since it had nothing to do with the food (and he ate after a little bit).

Hopefully someone else can fill in the other half of your question and say what that might be.

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I cannot remember all of the kid meal choices at 'Ohana (there were several), but my son had mac and cheese. Very expensive mac and cheese + a rice krispie. But he was happy and I loved the meal I got to have.

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And don’t make the mistake we did. We thought the coconut races would be held more than once an hour. They were starting just as we sat down, and my DS4 did not want to go just yet. Well after the coconut races, they had a gathering of all the birthday celebrants for a Happy Birthday song and later a singing entertainer who walked around the restaurant. No other kids’ games while we were there.

That would totally happen to us as well since my kids will whine about doing something and then take forever to warm up to it :slight_smile: