LTT and Skipper's Rumor i found 10/13/15

found this this morning:

  1. There was a meeting to discuss rehab status.
    . . . WDW is anxious to get things rolling
    . . . they do not want to lose the lucrative Holiday Season
  2. From what we are told, in attendance were
    . . . restaurant management
    . . . maintenance and maintenance management
    . . . contractors
    . . . equipment vendors
  3. Outcome
    . . . the total rehab WILL NOT be done on time (11/20/2105)
    . . . but, there will be enough finished to open about 1-week ahead of time (approx 11/15/2105)
    . . . they think
    . . . SERVERS and other staff have been told to be available - they have been deployed elsewhere
    . . . no dates for when ADR’s can be called-up and set
    . . . it is possible that ADR may open as late as 1-2 weeks ahead of opening date
    . . . no info as to when the companion eatery, Skipper Canteen will open (they share the same kitchen)

NOTE: This is NOT an official announcement. This info came from SERVERS who were in a follow-up meeting with managers. The work schedules for CM’s come out basically two weeks in advance, so we will know more as the dates approach. Once we see the CM’s scheduled, we know things are happening for real.

Interesting. What’s the source?

not 100% sure found it on the Dis Boards

the main restaurant they are talking about is LTT

Gotcha. I always like to figure out what the root source is for rumors like this, if I can. It’s hard! But this does make sense, at least from a financial perspective and a guest service perspective. MK is lacking in sit-down restaurants as compared to the crowds it attracts. To have one of the most popular down at the busiest time of year would be an absolute nightmare for them.

I’m just bummed LTT was closed on my last trip. I’ve never had the toffee cake, and I’m pretty sure I need it in my life. And my stomach.

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We ate at LTT in May and you do need the ooey gooey toffee cake. And the clam chowder. Overdid it a bit and waddled out in time for the FOF parade. Good times.

Oh dear. That very characteristic formatting tells me it’s from “RustyScupper” on the DISboards. He claims to be a cast member, but the variety of locations and job duties he’s described over the years would lead me to believe he slings more bologna than a Boar’s Head factory.


Wow, a 90 year renovation - with a specific expected finish date. I’d be happy for a finish date for SW Land… :smile:


well thats no good sorry if the info is bad. I just saw it and was hopeful it was good news for those going early December. Thanks for letting me know.

You’re fine. He speaks so officiously that many people over there take his word like it was delivered on stone tablets direct from Burbank. There is a cottage industry devoted to mocking him.

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